J Mulan’s Artist Management And Casting Strategies Are Unprecedented

J Mulan’s

One needs to be creative while brainstorming ideas and disciplined while implementing them. Such is the thrill-filled story of a 25yr old female entrepreneur.

Jaleska ‘J Mulan’ Holman is the founder of JMulan Agency. Based in Houston, Texas, her interest in the entertainment and media management industry was sparked at a tender age.

Once a timid kid, Jaleska is now a mega-successful and well recognizable name in the entertainment and fashion industry. Her JMulan Agency is a professional artist management and celebrity promotion firm that deals in movie casting, artist development, direction, event curation, and brand-placements.

Founded 7 years ago with the sole aim of meeting the people’s needs where they are, Jaleska has come a long way, all on her own. The entire gamut of achievements of JMulan Agency cannot be listed out in a single piece.

The fond memory of having hustling parents and witnessing them persevere day in and day out has made Jaleska a smart working and determined industry baron in a short span of time.

Jaleska’s work comprises a big-chunk of her daily routine. Catering to young individuals and veterans alike separates her agency from the crowd. She has had superstar clients in the past. To name a few, Travis Scott, Drake, PopSmoke, Justin Combs, Christian Combs, Quincy Combs, Sean Combs, Maxim Magazine, BET, Kream, Megan Thee Stallion top the list. Oh well, at JMulan Agency, clients are never in the ‘past’. Jaleska makes it a priority to nurture long-lasting professional relationships with her clients.

One of the greatest accomplishments, she nostalgically recalls, was casting a young girl for a Travis Scott video who was initially rejected. After bettering her craft, JMulan Agency made it an endeavor to get her the position right off the op. ‘Her hug filled with excitement was one of the most remarkable feelings I’ve ever experienced’, comments Jaleska.

The famous maxim of Former US President Abraham Lincoln ‘ If I am given 6 hours to fell a tree, I’ll spend 4 hours sharpening the axe’ very well applies to Jaleska. She spends time honing her skills and craft when she is away from work or has some spare time in her hands.

‘I created my agency to instill drive and desire in individuals where the fire of passion may have burned out through struggle and turmoil. I was able to make various connections where I have been able to share my knowledge and experience to add a shortcut to those who need it’, says Ms. Holman.

Courage, persistence, and hard work are the defining parameters of her success, said she when inquired about her secret to success. In her words “ I took the stairs myself so that I could build the escalator for those behind me”.

In the next five years, the robust entrepreneur is eyeing an expansion of her agency in different continents of the world.

Jaleska ‘J Mulan’ Holman is an ideal representative of women’s empowerment and self-belief. With the latter in your mind, conquering any feat is possible and J Mulan is a living example of it.

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