Founder Of Veer Fashion Studio, Hetal Desai’s Designer Wear Is A Fad Amongst Celebrities

Hetal Desai

Veer Fashion Studio is one of the leading fashion labels in Ahmedabad founded by Hetal Desai. The coveted fashion brand is a fad amongst the celebrities, all thanks to Hetal’s creative body of work.

Currently based in Melbourne, Hetal is managing her business in India with the help of her family and team. It all started with a dream to make a career in the fashion world. Right after completing her designing course from Ahmedabad, Hetal began as a freelancer before she embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur.

At present, Hetal is one of the well-known fashion designers whose creation has left a long-lasting impact on Gujarati celebrities and many others. She has worked with celebrities like Guauhar Khan, Aishwarya Majmoodar, Jignesh Barot, Neelam Panchal, Vishal Dop, to name a few.

Hetal Desai is best known for designs that focus on Indian traditions and culture. She is also specialized in making Rabari dresses, a special community-based outfit, and lehenga cholis for women and kids of all age groups.
Hetal Desai has won several awards in the past for her huge body of work and is looking forward to expanding her business in the foreign market as well and carve a niche for her brand globally.

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