Dental surgeon Dr. Kambiz Sadraei: My mission is to Help People Lead Healthy and Fulfilling Lives

Dr. Kambiz Sadraei
Dental surgeon Dr. Kambiz Sadraei: My mission is to Help People Lead Healthy and Fulfilling Lives

Dr. Kambiz Sadraei, a renowned dental surgeon, believes in creating awareness about a healthy lifestyle and sound oral health. He emphasizes the need to understand the importance of good oral wellness. He is the founder and CEO at Divine Dental Spa in El Paso, Texas. At his dental facility, he makes science meet art. Every dental procedure is carried out with extreme care and finesse.

Dr. Sadraei mainly specializes in Buccal Fat Pad reduction. This 30-minute procedure involving the removal of fat intraorally from the inside of the cheeks is highly recommended and effective. This treatment is a sought-after procedure by patients who wish to look chiseled and appear youthful. Dr. Sadraei is very much in demand as his fame with smooth surgery is well known. He says people should be concerned about themselves and that physical beauty adds to a person’s personality. And he believes that opting for methods to enhance their physical features is therefore wholly valid.

Dr. Sadraei makes it a point to also educate every patient about how to maintain oral hygiene. He regularly conducts workshops for advocating the need for an oral discipline. He stresses people often come for procedures like cavity filling and root canal treatment only after they feel pain. These treatments are created to help but can easily be avoided. A regular oral cleaning routine can keep most diseases at bay. Dr. Sadraei recommends people should instead invest in treatments and procedures that boost their natural beauty.

Dr. Sadraei says it is his mission to help people lead healthy and fulfilling lives. He shares people should include a balanced diet, exercise routine, and plenty of water to begin with. Including exercise or yoga will also stimulate their brain and keep them active. Reading, learning a new skill could be a beneficial addition to sharpen the mind. And most importantly, people should never shy away from going on regular health check-ups. He says people often run only after external beauty. They seldom pay attention to their internal health. A healthy body and a healthy mind is the key to living a fulfilling life.

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