An Exclusive Interview with Leading Digital Marketing Expert Wanner Aarts

Leading Digital Marketing Expert Wanner Aarts

The digital marketing industry has gone from strength to strength with every passing year. Innovations in technology and digital platforms constantly create new opportunities for marketing. The fast paced, cultural hub of Amsterdam has proven to be one of the leading hotspots in this digital revolution. Companies like Socialfabriek and Influsocial have come to prominence in the European city and it has also produced one of the current leading names in digital marketing; Wanner Aarts. Based out of Amsterdam, Aarts has quickly risen to success with his digital marketing skills and his renowned licensing company that holds specialized knowledge on Youtube copyrighting. We had the chance to talk to him in our exclusive interview below;

Q1. How do you think digital marketing has evolved during the year of 2020? 

I think that digital marketing has proved itself to be an essential tool in any marketing campaign this year. More and more businesses are now relying on ecommerce to drive their revenue and advertising digitally is the most efficient way to support this.

Q2. What are your thoughts on the increased demand for personalized marketing? 

I think that the demand for data analysis to deliver individualized marketing to customers has increased because our individual online habits can provide invaluable information on how we are likely to spend our money.

Q3. A lot of focus is put onto lifecycle marketing, why do you think this aspect is seen to be so important? 

Lifecycle marketing takes into consideration the entire lifespan of any possible engagement one consumer can have with a company and it is an incredibly important tool as it helps to predict future trends in marketing.

Q4. Why do you think social media influencers have proven to be so beneficial to digital marketing? 

I think that the symbiotic relationship between influencers and marketing exists because an influencer can give a face and voice to any campaign and they provide a ready made customer base.

Q5. Why do you think Amsterdam has always ranked so highly in The European Digital City Index which ranks how well cities throughout Europe support digital entrepreneurs? 

I think that it has ranked so highly because Amsterdam is a hub of innovation that inspires and rewards entrepreneurship.

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