Enthralling People with His Extravagant Offerings Through Elite Rentals Dubai and Elite Yachts Dubai is a High-performing Businessman, Kristan de Graaf

Within five years, this youngster aims to skyrocket his success in the car rental industry and reach the top of the game.

High-performing Businessman, Kristan de Graaf

Long have we known stories about people who all their lives work towards a particular aim and put efforts only in one direction to get where they wish to reach; while there are some other rare gems in the world, who believe in working for all those opportunities that knock their doors and even go ahead in creating newer opportunities for themselves with the aim to learn many things and apply that gained knowledge in business for achieving staggering success. We came to know a similar story about a youngster from Amsterdam, who kept learning things every day, made mistakes, owned them and moved ahead in his path to becoming successful; he is Kristan de Graaf, a 26-year-old businessman in the vast world of car rental.

Everything started for Kristan de Graaf at the age of 17 when he began with betting on live sports matches. Soon, he saw his life-changing as he started earning bigger amounts each passing day, which ultimately made him realize that he must take his skills seriously to own a business. Dubai was the place he wished to go for the umpteen numbers of opportunities it offers to all kinds of businesses. Hence, he moved to the UAE and with honing his skills, he even set up his Elite car and yacht agency in Dubai.

His brands ‘Elite Rentals Dubai’ and ‘Elite Yachts Dubai’ today, stand tall as brands that believe in the idea of ‘people over profits’, and have bowled over customers with their wide range of car and yacht options that only exude luxuriousness and an extravagant vibe, making people fall for them instantly. His business has grown so much that it already has a fleet of over 30 super yachts and more than 60 supercars.

One may ask, what makes them unique from others? Well, there are many reasons, but to name a few, they believe in offering safe and luxurious travel to its customers, exotic and comfortable cars with topnotch services, pick up and drop service, 24/7 roadside assistance, and all this at unbelievable prices.

Kristan de Graaf has also been a part of a popular program about wealthy men and their lifestyle with women and entertainment. The documentary film became such a huge hit that it even went viral in the Netherlands. Kristan de Graaf has always worked with the aim in mind to achieve the freedom to do whatever and whenever he wants and earn massive wealth. After looking at the success, this youngster has achieved, he is already on his path to becoming a celebrated businessman across the world.

Do follow him on Instagram @kristandegraaf and visit his website, https://eliterentalsdubai.com/ to know more.

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