Semple Enterprises Donates $10,000 to Rotary Shelter House

Semple Enterprises donates $10k to Shelter House
Semple Enterprises donates $10k to Shelter House

Thunder Bay – BUSINESS – In the spirit of the season, local entrepreneur Titus Semple, the CEO and Founder of Semple Enterprises is donating $10,000 to Shelter House- Thunder Bay and is challenging others to dig deep and give what they can.

Titus Semple states, “My late former wife utilized the services offered at Shelter House and it has always been a goal of mine to give back. I am truly fortunate to be able to do so in this way, especially this year. This organization holds a special place in my heart.”

Semple Entreprises Inc. which launched this Fall, has a goal to create more synergy and connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses. The goal is to bring about awareness for Indigenous owned businesses and showcase to non-Indigenous owned the possibilities that can exist between these types of partnerships. Through promoting progressive and prosperous business relationships, Semple hopes to increase the footprint that Indigenous owned businesses have in our community and beyond.

“Similar to the work that Shelter House does, I want to help my community. This includes both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous, and my focus is on the connection that is made when these two groups come together. Therefore, I am stepping up today with a donation and I challenge other organizations, that work with Indigenous communities to do the same.”