How To Choose The Best Solicitor For Your Case


Like many industries, there are several professionals to choose from depending on your requirements, and choosing legal representation is no exception. It’s not just a case of picking one type of solicitor for the job; there are many different types of law each solicitor specializes in. Whether you’re looking for representation for an accident at work, clinical negligence, or divorce, there are plenty of professionals to choose from.

So, where do you start looking? Many people opt for local firms or recommendations, but there are a few things to consider depending on your circumstances. Check them out below:


Many people have used solicitors in their lifetime, and it’s often when they sell a property. While recommendations are great if the solicitor is a specialist in the area you need, it is worth considering other options if they do not. There are many disciplines in law, and a conveyancing solicitor is very different from a personal injury solicitor.

Understand the fees

Legal representation can be expensive, but the investment in the correct solicitor will ensure you get the best outcomes. When researching firms, check out the fee structure and what you might expect to pay. Of course, this will be an estimate as things can change in the direction of a case. There are also professionals that offer a ‘no win, no fee’ structure for certain cases. Check out this no win no fee solicitors guide for more information about how this process works.

Local or national

In the modern age of technology, you don’t have to go with a local firm to get the best service for your legal requirements. That’s not to say a local firm won’t be able to take on your case, but if a specialist is in another part of the country, that could also be a great option. Most communication is carried out via phone, email, and video calls, so wherever you are, you can always access the best advice and services.

Size of firm

It’s often a common misconception that the bigger a firm is, the better they are. However, while this may be true in some cases, it is not in others. Each solicitor will have unique qualities and expertise. In a smaller firm, you may experience the personal touch more often, while a larger firm may have more people working on the case. The size of the firm realistically is not so much of a consideration, and you should consider the individual merits and expertise instead.


Reviews are a great way to see how happy the clients of a firm really are. There is an element of taking the negative ones with a pinch of salt and looking at the facts of the comment. Many companies will be happy to share success stories and substantiate any claims they make about what they can achieve for you. It’s also worth noting, even if a company has a few negative reviews, it shouldn’t be a reason to dismiss them altogether.



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