Inna Mel Helps Successful Women Find Their Successful Partner

Inna Mel Helps Successful Women Find Their Successful Partner
Inna Mel Helps Successful Women Find Their Successful Partner

Busy and successful women often have to sacrifice other aspects of their lives in order to achieve their ambitions and dreams, with relationships and love life being the first things to suffer. Relationship Coach Inna Mel is here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice your emotional well being and fulfillment for your career goals. Inna works with women from all walks of life; be it entrepreneurial-spirited businesswomen, corporate executives, or ladies with a rough dating history, to help them identify the things blocking them from finding the right love. Her methods are research and experience based and involve working through mindset shifts and developing the self-worth needed to attract high quality men into their lives.

Inna has experienced her fair share of heartbreak, witnessing the separation of her parents when she was just 8 years old as they immigrated from Uzbekistan, and going through her own slew of failed relationships as she grew older. Experiencing the pain of these toxic relationships, she learned to change her perspective and reframe these experiences in her mind. Inna embraced the challenges that came with healing and found the lessons the life was teaching her, pushing her forward with a renewed sense of strength, self worth, and empathy for other struggling women who can’t seem to catch a break in the dating sphere.

Inna‘s signature course is an 8 week Conscious and Intuitive Dating program that instills the confidence and love in yourself that will propel you onward towards a life filled with love and fulfilling relationships, both with yourself and the men you attract into your life. The course functions by drawing on many subconscious and intuitive habits that women tend to have no control over, bringing them into the forefront of their intention and developing a framework that allows women to become mindful of and in control of their needs and desires. She helps her clients understand that they are deserving and capable of love; their needs/requirements are valid and mandatory; and that they have the inner strength to overcome any inner turmoil they might be facing.

The Conscious and Intuitive Dating program incorporates tried and proven strategies for identifying fears, negative habits and wounds from prior relationships, helping her clients catch themselves from slipping into self-sabotaging behaviours and shifting their perspective to one of openness and abundance of love. Inna teaches methods for learning to be comfortable with your own quirks, addressing your needs as a powerful woman, and building a healthier relationship with yourself at its core. Inna recognizes that many people’s failed relationships are physical representations of a lacking within their own self, whether that be effort, transparency, patience, or other issues. She supports her clients to gain vision and clarity on the things obscuring their pathways to successful and enriching relationships, developing the confidence in themselves to love freely and fully.

Inna’s mission as a Relationship Coach is to give women the tools they need to free themselves emotionally, embrace themselves as powerful beings capable and deserving of experiencing love, and to regain control over their mind and their love life.

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