2020’s Most Popular Content Director Austin Ermes Brought a Smile to People’s Faces with His Creative Youtube Nelk Boys Videos

Digital Marketing Expert - Austin Ermes

Technology has given wings to many artists, videographers and content creators who are remarkably skilled. The Internet has changed our world in the last two decades, and a platform like youtube has produced something really helpful for creative people.

Youtube, as we all know, is the biggest platform of the world right now, IG, FB all platforms are there, but everyone will agree with the fact that Youtube is something special and the most influential app and video platform which entertains people by giving audio and video content.

In recent times we have seen so many content creators are gaining extensive popularity, and we feel they deserve all limelight. It is not easy to create a video which can attract millions worldwide. You have to be creative, smart videography, the direction can only make you popular on youtube.

We came up with an excellent youtube channel which is popular for their hilarious content on youtube named Nelk boys. With more than 6.12M followers, it has grown at a rapid pace for a long time. The entire team of Nelk boys is special as they provide lovely short videos which are full time pass and entertaining too.

As we say every big thing has special support, an expert who holds a key in growing brand value and for Nelk Boys Austin Ermes aka Ausgod is the one who is taking Nelk boys to new heights with his Creativity, videography, direction.

Austin Ermes is a perfect example for all who wanted to have a successful youtube channel. Every video of Nelk boys surprises you, brings a smile on the face, and they come with amazing concepts and stories which are hilarious. People love their videos on the youtube channel.

In a way, Austin plays a role in a new age of video and production, he has brought a new concept, with creative direction, and he gives perfect support to the entire Nelk boys think tank. In seven years, Nelk boys popularity has grown at superfast speed. Many are now copying their style on their video channels. But original is original, and you can beat Nelk boys.

So if you are a creative geek and love creative people then do not forget to follow this youngster on Instagram @ausgod to know more.

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