Your Optical Health: Taking Care of Your Eyes in 2020

Your Optical Health: Taking Care of Your Eyes
Your Optical Health: Taking Care of Your Eyes

When we think about our health, we rarely consider how we treat, monitor, and protect our eyes. We’re instead focused on exercise, on our muscular and skeletal health – and, increasingly, on our mental health, too. And yet, our eyes are our window to the world and arguably provide our most important sense – that of sight. In this guide, then we’re going to look at how and why you can take care of your eyes this year and into the future, taking care to maintain great vision into old age.

Eye Tests

Those who have never needed glasses will eventually require them. It’s only a matter of time before the muscles in your eyes begin to tire, and the lens that helps you focus on different distances becomes weaker. If you notice a change in your eyesight after having had 20-20 vision, it’s time to visit the opticians – or take a home test.

Those who do have glasses will be more familiar with the opticians – but it’s still important to visit every year at least to check you don’t need a new, different set of lenses on your eyeglasses. Visit for more information regarding how opticians will do when you visit your opticians.

Eye Cleaning

This tip is especially important for those who wear contact lenses regularly – but it’ll come in handy when there’s something in your eye, too. What’s key to remember is that your eye can become scratches from even the smallest of particles caught on your retina – and this means that washing your eyes is an important protection from damaged sight.

An eye-cleaning bottle, the size of your thumb, is easy to find in most drug stores. Hold your head back and apply a drop or two to your afflicted eye, and then blink. The biology of your eye will do the rest – pushing the offending particle to the corner of your eye, where it’ll eventually be expelled.


Many younger people are unaware of what cataracts are and how you can fall victim to them – and, for many others, they only realize a little too late that they’ve been struggling with early-onset cataracts. Happily, cataracts are easy to remove from your eyes – with the right surgery.

Visit Panoptix IOL to learn how to get a consultation, and to discover what cataracts can develop into, and why you might want to prioritize treatment of this eye illness before it becomes more serious later in life.

Laser Eye Surgery

Finally, if you’re tired of having to juggle between reading glasses and long-distance glasses – and you’re concerned that this is getting in the way of your leading an active and exciting lifestyle, then laser eye surgery may well be for you.

Laser eye surgery means that you don’t have to rely on glasses or contact lenses for the rest of your life. If you’ve ever been unable to see things in the distance, like signs on buildings and billboards, then laser eye surgery might be a good option for you.

This procedure enjoys a very high success rate and is considered a huge change in the lives of those who undertake it. Banish your eyeglasses into yesteryear with this surgery in order to restore your vision and enjoy a life free from the bespectacled world that you’ve come to know.

There you have it: some important tips to bear in mind for your eyes’ health from now into the future.

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