The Daily Hustle of iAmMoneyMoves Creating a Platform for Emerging Artist

Entrepreneur iAmMoneyMoves

If you really want to be alive they say do what you love. Because what you love won’t let you get old.  A great philosopher once said that doing what you love is the biggest blessing in the world. It can be a hobby, sport or anything that a person feels like doing that’s what makes a person feel alive and feel more human. And the most blessed people are those who are turning their passion into a profession. Here we present you with the iAmMoneyMoves story. iAmMoneyMoves was born and raised in Maryland but was not brought with the drive and hustle to work and make a change. He always wanted to make his name known everywhere with business. He started off in the industry as a photographer, worked with many famous artists at that time, iAmMoneyMoves says that it was all about making the good relations for the next step in his career, he is now there and from that great connections opened a great artist development program and helps independent artist get seen, heard and become more credible.

He usually worked with music artists, and models during his photography, but know it was only a stepping stone to help build his contacts. iAmMoneyMoves is a man of many talents it is said that he brings your social media dreams to reality. He is a man who has seen very ups and downs in his life, he has learned so much through his amazing journey. An excellent music video director and has even acted in several music videos. His work experience in his early phase has prepared him for the music industry. Apart from being so diversely talented, he is always very humble. He told reporters, he is an entrepreneur when asked in a recent interview. His work is all about artist management, his vision is to provide emerging artists a major platform to make that next step in their music career, help get their music an unforgettable exposure, and expand their social media and brand recognition. He takes his work very seriously being a top entrepreneur he believes work ethics and discipline is the key to become a shark in this sea of Showbiz.

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