Online Marketer Mo Abdul aka Wiseguymo’s Story

Mo Abdul

Great marketing makes a company look smart but a smart marketer makes the company look indispensable. Mo Abdul is that smart marketer in today’s digital marketing arena. 

Also recognized by his social media alias @wiseguymo, Abdul has turned his high-school passion into his career. He hails from a low-income background but has made a fortune for himself purely by smart work and the diverse skills he is equipped with. The 24-year old dropped out of college to pursue his ‘out of the box’ dreams.

As of today, he is a sensation in the world of Online Marketing and Digital promotions for enterprises. With his sharp and honed skill set, Mo Abdul has managed to generate over $2 million in business revenue for a multitude of clients. Here’s what he says when asked about his success and methodology of working- ‘It’s all about providing value to your clients, if you can do that, success is guaranteed. The more value you bring to the table, the more the success. If you cannot do that, failure is guaranteed’.

Abdul’s path to self-actualization was not smooth. He had his hurdles which remind him to be humble and patient to date. It started with Facebook adverts intriguing him to learn more about something that is more than just selling, that is, ‘marketing’.

“The best advice I can give you is to invest in yourself. I was hesitant to do so in my initial days and this must have caused me to miss out on a lot of opportunities’, he recalls. Abdul outgrew the status-quo and the conventional mindset that his friend circle tried to tie him to. 

We asked for the top five lessons from Wiseguymo and the following is a synopsis of those:

Outdo yourself – Abdul believes that there’s always a latent reservoir of perseverance and creative energy within a person that should be tapped when the right time comes. Limits are only a creation of your mind.

Networking – Understand the value of networking. As the maxim goes, your network is your net worth.

There’s no easy money – Abdul clarifies the falsely-held conception that everything in the world of online marketing and online business comes easy. There’s no easy money in this world. Everything you strive for requires dedication, time, and effort. Abdul worked 12-18 hours every day when he was just starting out.

Build Systems – Implementing systems, setting up partnerships, and hiring VA’s can drastically bring down the redundancies, says Wiseguymo.  Once I was able to put these tools in place I was able to manage the time on my hand more effectively, I could then provide a better result for my customers and clients.

Long Term View – We should remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour. Thus, having a bigger picture in your mind about your business is essential. 

Mo Abdul has stepped all-in into the world of online marketing. With in-demand skills as his forte and hard work as his passion, he isn’t taking a break anytime soon. While Abdul climbs up the ladder of self-actualization, the society needs to learn a lesson that self-belief and dedicated efforts have always and will always keep shattering the existing state of affairs.

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