An Exclusive Interview with Award-Winning Journalist Luis Jorge Rios

Award-Winning Journalist Luis Jorge Rios

The landscape of the journalism industry has changed exponentially in recent years. It’s easy to see how news giants such as CBS and NBC weathered these changes, but what does a seasoned journalist think of them? We asked award-winning journalist Luis Jorge Rios for his opinion. Luis Jorge Rios is a combat veteran who served in the US Army and has now transitioned into journalism and entrepreneurship.

Q1. You transitioned from working in the armed forces to being a highly successful entrepreneur and journalist, what was that transition like?

A:  Entrepreneurship is similar to battle, you need to have a clear purpose, and there will always be tough times on your journey; understanding your purpose and mission in life is crucial, no matter the battle.

Q2. As a journalist, what is your take on the current trend of news sites migrating to online subscription services to keep their revenue flowing?

A: I think that all suitable business structures should be open to evolution. Subscriptions are a fair way to allow people to financially support quality journalism, and I believe it is an evolutionary necessity of the changing era of news media.

Q3. The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism released in 2019 that the public’s trust in news media is at a worldwide low; why would you think this is?

A: I think that the current ease of access to information around world events and the fact that sources are often unverified cellphone footage has caused the public to question the media’s objectivity. Audiences are now being given several different views of the same event; this adds to the lack of trust.

Q4. There is a current trend referred to as ‘news avoidance’ where people report avoiding the news because it makes them feel powerless. How do you think this will affect the future of news media?

A: I think that our ability to choose our source and frequency of news consumption has existed for hundreds of years and will not negatively affect the future of news media.

Q5. Finally, do you think that the popularity of podcasts has changed the landscape of the news industry? 

A: Yes, I think that podcasts have created more ‘niche news’ than ever before, meaning we can easily access coverage on the issues that personally matter to us.

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