Fashion Queen of Colombia (Elizabeth Vega)

Fashion Queen of Colombia


A Fashion queen of Colombia and an Insta user, Elizabeth Vega, was born in Cucuta in Colombia. From her early life, she has been attracted to venture, health, and fashion. She is also an excellent and hardworking student.

She faces many difficulties in her childhood, her father left the family alone. She was only nine years old, and the only one in the family to take care of her sick mother. Luckily, she had the support of her close relatives and uncles. They help her to support the sick mother therefore, she recovered. After the full recovery, her mother, including Elizabeth, with three children started working. She was very young when she starts working to support the family. Elizabeth put all the efforts and support to raise her two teenage siblings, which enabled Elizabeth Vega to become healthy and responsible for the ever-increasing age.

After passing primary school, Elizabeth Veda shifted to Bogota. She started to studied Communication and Journalism as she is interested in this field since her childhood, s she enrolled at the University of Jorge Tadeo Lozano. At the same time, she also started to work on Television projects and modeling, calendars, and operations. After that, when she was crowned queen of the city’s festival, she visited her family in Santa Marta where she met with her future husband and then shift to Japan with him.


Elizabeth Vega Shifted to New York City after success in her real estate profession, and she lived her for eight years. After that, she again comes back towards her real love of Fashion and beauty. She was proud of her life and want to share it with others, so she makes her Instagram account and shares her experience with the whole world. She started to show her life on social media as she is interested in showing her personality and interest in the world.

She always tries new things and trained new tradition. She is a humble lady, so people from different cities come out to meet her, and she became humble to them. Due to the unique way of life that she has developed in her social media, she created her social media profession. These Organization Savvy women always love to talk about fashion and her beauty. People start following him and also show positivity towards her and encourage and promote her fashion and lifestyle.


The first goal of Elizabeth Vegas was that she wants to unite her business skills with her fashion and its beauty. As she tried to start her fashion collection, and she is functioning on the designs and style of the various clothing brand. She aims to create it as soon as possible, and she is excited to deliver work to the whole world. She is also called the Fashion Queen of Colombia due to its interest and work on the Fashion, and its beauty. We are wishing her luck for her future projects and wait for them.

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