Preparing for 2021: Dire need for a resilient and active lifestyle

A boy's choice of a healthy or unhealthy snack
A boy's choice of a healthy or unhealthy snack

We are near to making our new year resolutions once again. 2020 hasn’t been much friendly for the global community and still, it looks like that crisis will exist for a few more months. If we need to identify positives from this year you would see that there were lifelong lessons to be learned that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

All the concepts we’ve had related to our lifestyles with respect to finances, health, education, job security, capitalist economy, were all found irrelevant during this economic lockdown period. The situation demanded another level of preparedness but we all were found second-guessing including the experts against the force of nature.

With millions of people losing their jobs and small-medium enterprises(SMEs) facing existential crisis, challenges are quite big lying ahead. We need to push ourselves collectively against these rising challenges and come out successful. This will require a resilient and active lifestyle so that we can better prepare our immune systems along with setting the right mindset to execute the job at hand. Let’s see how we can get this done to prepare for 2021.

Identify underlying personal problems

For each individual, there are underlying problems that affect their productivity at some point in time. For instance, you might feel depressed about certain events or experience higher levels of anxiety when the situation deteriorates from normal, you need to address them first before all the problems. Whether external help is required like CBD oil helps to change how people react to their circumstances due to positive attitude development, you should be up for it.

Set up a good rest routine

Before you intend to work more hard, it is imperative that you have sound rest a night before. CBD products are quite widely used for reducing stress levels and optimizing sleep patterns, you can try this out too if you are prone to restlessness. Nevertheless, a routined life will have better productivity than going through days full of hassle and inconsistent work timings. You need to be among the 5 Am Club for experiencing the best possible active lifestyle.

Exercise and balanced diet

We are going into 2021 with last year full of public health crises at a global level. It is critical to work towards better health and immune systems. For this purpose, there is a dire need to focus on healthy foods that will boost your overall immunity. Fighting the disease depends upon one’s own internal strengths and no compromise can be made on this for coming years.

Exercise helps to release endorphins and boosts hormonal activity within. You can start with minor levels and gradually build on your stamina once you are used to doing exercise on regular basis. Remain active for the most part of the day and have dedicated resting times. A profound sleep at night and a bit of rest during the afternoon, you are all good to go for the rest of the day.

Things have evolved quite fast in the past couple of years. The survival challenges we face would continue to grow with time, so should our personal capacity to tackle these. Start working on your resilience and active lifestyle from day one or we would not be able to defeat once another pandemic strikes the world.


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