Dr. Adel Quttainah – The Architect Of Middle Eastern Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Adel Quttainah – The Architect Of Middle Eastern Cosmetic Surgery

The majestic Quttainah Medical Centre stands as a prime example of cosmetic excellence in Shaab Al Bahri of Kuwait. It brings you an opulent appeal of a resort with its brilliant location at the Arabian Gulf coast. Thus, the visitors receive a luxurious experience for their cosmetic treatments. It offers an astonishing assortment of medical cosmetic services. Therefore, it is a one-stop solution for anyone seeking medical cosmetic treatments.

However, there’s a story behind its impeccable brilliance. Would you believe if someone told you one person designed this masterpiece? That’s not all! It was the dream of this very person. Who’s the mastermind behind this lavish blend of medical procedures to the aesthetical appeal of resorts? Well, you might like to call him the ‘architect of cosmetic surgery.’

Take A Sneak Peek Of QMC

Quttainah Medical Centre (QMC) stands by the motto: “Expert care, exceptional results.”

Dr. Adel Quttainah envisioned a revolutionary building that would combine the complete expertise of the cosmetic medical industry. The clients wouldn’t have to change places or travel to different experts for treatments. With that in mind, Dr. Adel Quttainah personally designed the building alone. He supervised the project for four years while running his private clinic.

It encompasses a wide range of cosmetic medical care, including branches such as diet consultation, weight loss, laser procedures, hair care, transplants, and so on. The building comprises state of the art equipment with world-class professionals. You receive exceptional services with utmost warmth that distinguishes QMC from its competitors. Therefore, it is one of the leading cosmetic medicine centers in the Middle East.

Today, Quattainah Medical Centre encompasses best-in-class operating facilities, modern methodologies and individual recovery rooms. Furthermore, it caters to Kuwait and its neighboring countries by fulfilling their need for modern healthcare options in cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Adel Quttainah stands at the pinnacle of cosmetic and reconstructive microsurgery. He is one of the few specialists with command over free tissue transfer through perforator flaps. His incredible talents have led him to achieve recognition throughout the Middle East.

Dr. Quttainah completed his medical training at the National University of Ireland, with a five-year residency program at McMaster University. He completed post-graduation at the University of Toronto. Furthermore, he pursued an aesthetic fellowship under Dr. Lloyd Carlsen, the innovator of calf aesthetic surgery. Additionally, he finished his clinical research fellowship under the guidance of Dr.James Bain.

Before starting his private aesthetic clinic, he was the Head of the Plastic Surgery Department in Saad Specialist Hospital of Saudi Arabia. He has supervised and nurtured many young talents during his years in the service. Driven by the aim to provide revolutionary cosmetic medical care, Dr. Quttainah has set his eyes on Dubai and Qatar for expansion.

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