Model Taylor Shien and her journey as an entrepreneur is every bit encouraging

Taylor Shien

Tough times never last, but tough people do, says Robert H. Schuller. Well, we all can easily agree with this fact. All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them. These days there is a new recipe to business success, a fast track approach if you will, that gives you immediate and unparalleled market reach, and an in-built trust in your product or service offering. Taylor Shien is a hugely successful model turned entrepreneur leveraging her community and reach to provide skincare solutions for the benefit of all.

Taylor has had a successful career as a commercial model ever since the start of her career. The young starlet based in Atlanta, Georgia, has had her pick of brands looking to collaborate and shoot with her.

Taylor always knew she wanted to do something entrepreneurial, which led to the launch of her skincare line DermaClear Skin.

Having battled against acne for her entire life, she wanted to create a product that relieved the struggle of millions of others like her. With this goal in mind, she set out to develop the perfect all-natural solution to treat skin imperfections. She experimented with different compositions until she reached a formula that worked successfully for her. Having passed this litmus test, she was ready to share her creation with the world. Today, DermaClear is an Organic and Vegan-based business with hundreds of positive recommendations from around the world. Their products only use organic herbs and essential oils sustainably sourced from Vietnam. Taylor Shien is the perfect embodiment of successfully leveraging your platform to create a positive impact. Looking back, the model-turned entrepreneur prides her decision to invest in herself by starting DermaClear Skin and helping people across the world end their skincare struggle and regain their confidence.

Shien also earned a name for herself in entertainment when she modeled for Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group at only 22-years-old. During this time, she built a working relationship with the music mogul and partnered with him on many endeavors, including campaigning for his award-winning album Mastermind (2014).

Soon after, Taylor also had the opportunity to be cast for the sensational chart-topping single by hip-hop group Migos, “Bad and Boujee”. However, due to personal circumstances, she would forgo this appearance, for which she faced immense backlash and criticism from her peers. Shien overcame her feelings of contempt by realizing she shouldn’t care so much about what people thought.

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