Entrepreneur Manny Garcia Emphasizes the Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business Growth

Entrepreneur Manny Garcia

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world of business forever. Today, it’s more critical than ever for entrepreneurs to have a strong online presence. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Manny Garcia, utilized his knowledge of social media marketing to build his business. Now, he emphasizes the importance of marketing through social media for healthy business growth.

Coincidentally, Manny started his first business back in 2009 during an economic crisis. Social media and influencer marketing wasn’t as employed in marketing strategies back then, but Manny successfully navigated the waters of economics to build a robust business. Even without a college degree, or experience, Manny was able to build a successful business. Six years later, he made the tough choice to sell his old business in order to begin a new venture. “Starting a new business is always risky no matter how successful other ventures were, but I had to do it. I believed in myself to do it. The new business I started was a clothing and footwear retail store.” said Manny. He has a strong work ethic that serves him well, not to mention his attention to detail which has helped him succeed in both life and business.

“Thankfully, today we live in the age of social media marketing. Conducting a word-of-mouth campaign is easy when you are doing it online. I’ve had a successful career these past ten years, made many contacts, garnered tons of customers, and earned a lot of faith. Marketing on social media for my new business was a piece of cake considering the experience I now had,” said Manny. But he emphasizes that it’s useful even if you’re an absolute beginner. Any brand or business could leverage the power of social media to reach more customers. “People are online now all the time anyways,” added Manny.

Social media scaled Manny’s brand and changed his life forever. Garcia preaches the importance of how useful it can be if used correctly to developing brands and emerging entrepreneurs. Having successfully built multiple 8 figure businesses Manny Garcia is a true success story.

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