Living in Weird Times: 8 Pieces of Advice for Today’s Students

Living in Weird Times: 8 Pieces of Advice for Today's Students

These are uncertain times we live in. Some students are returning to their colleges and schools amid the pandemic, while others continue to study at home. According to data from Education Week, only four U.S. States have ordered their schools open. Others still struggle to determine how to cope with the pandemic. Is the social, communal aspect of college and school (being the primary selling point of even going to college) worth the risks?

Countries take measures concerning the pandemic and seek ways to save the school year. Despite this, some students enjoy education from the comfort of their homes. Others take this opportunity as an extended holiday, ditching their classes. Whatever approach you choose, keep in mind that you can always use sites  like writepaper to delegate your homework. It’s important in weird times like these to maintain a thirst for knowledge, stay organized, and above all, continue being a student.

Let’s get you some tips on how to cope with being a student in these weird times.

1)  Set High Standards

Feeling overwhelmed is good. It means that you’re putting your mind and body to work in extreme circumstances, constantly raising the bar for how much you could produce. Set high standards for yourself, if you read one chapter today, try to read two tomorrow. Make it feel like you’re in college, and you’re certain that you’ve always got something to do.

2)  Do the Hard Thing First

Whether your schools are reopened or not, it’s essential to remind yourself that school is work, not vacation time. So get up, and get to work. Follow a billionaire’s morning routine, and do the hardest task first. Whether it’s homework, reading, or exercising, you’ve got to create a routine for yourself. Otherwise, home life will eat you up and turn you into a couch potato!

3)  Get a Side Hustle

College is a great opportunity for a side hustle, especially if you have a habit of delegating your homework. Many students used to fill barman positions or party-related stuff, but given the circumstances, that’s not the safest option at the moment. Currently, the best ways to make income are on the internet, and with about a million guides on how to make money on Instagram, it’s certain you won’t fail.

4)  Be an Active Writer

There are ways to get practical and organized at home, and in your head. For example, students found that journal writing is a fantastic way to relieve stress and keep your thoughts channeled in the right direction. During the lockdown, staying at home can result in a little cabin fever. Psychologists recommend taking a self-authoring programto help remind yourself of where you are, how you got here, and what your future goals are. Writing heals!

5)  Join an Online Community

Clubs and extracurricular activities might have been a staple of your college life. But now that they’re all closed, it’s time to turn the gaze to the internet. Forums, Dischords, and online communities have seen a blossoming renaissance ever since the virus hit. Joining them is easy, and you can make lots of friends and form partnerships as well. Just check out how much Kenny Beats’ Dischord community has changed the game in the music-making world, bringing so many raw, young, unheard talents to the spotlight.

6)  Be an Active Reader

Two things: get to love your reading assignments, and grab a fiction book or two. Students should read, and absorb as much knowledge as possible. Literary magazines work, ebooks work, publications and novels also work, and reading classical fiction is as meditative as it is stimulating. Try to set yourself a realistic goal of reading at least 7 books this semester. Develop your thirst for attaining new knowledge and you’ll go places.

7)  Befriend your Professor

Professors can act elusive, mostly because students treat classes like the burdensome part of the day. Instead, you can befriend your professor easily and get some extra knowledge to get ahead of your class. Slide through for a chat while they’re grading papers, ask them questions. Most professors enjoy being mentors and sharing their knowledge with students who are eager to learn more. Perhaps you could even receive some extra reading material to expand what you already know.

8)  Use Lists To Organize Everything

Finally, struggling to cope with the crazy amounts of things to do can be exhausting. Since you’re stuck at home it’s going to be cleaning, taking out the trash, all in addition to doing homework and keeping a routine. Using lists to organize yourself is a proven method and antidote to the confusion and stress that may come with having too much stuff to do. Keep these lists handy, cross off, and review them constantly. For those who want to save up on paper and save some trees, get Evernote or OneNote installed on your phone to keep all your lists digital.

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