19-Year-Old Music Artist Ness The Kid Is Winning Hearts

ness the kid

The world of showbiz doesn’t discriminate on any grounds. Anyone with the passion, talent, and willingness to work hard can crack into the industry. But only a few manage to reach the pinnacle of their niche. One such emerging artist is Ness The Kid.

Ness The Kid is a young, super hard-working, and super talented Hip-Hop recording artist from Long Island, New York. He has quickly managed to make a name for himself in the industry, all credits to his skills and smart work.

Ness The Kid’s songs (singles and albums) have surpassed over 5 million streams across major platforms making him one of the most-loved hip-hop artists of the new gen.Being featured on Elevator, and No Jumper is another glorious achievement Ness has got to brag about.
He has over 150k followers on Instagram and has a music video at 180k views. His debut single “Molly Girl” has racked up over 500k plays in the first month on a single platform alone.

Ness The Kid’s vibrant and alluring music shows in his style, he wields bright purple and pink hair as shown on his Instagram. Shooting for the top, Ness is on the path to absolutely crushing his career- goals.
The admirable quality that Ness The Kid has of sounding and resonating positivity in all of his songs is beyond laudable. One such song is “Love me”. You must check it out!

The debut song of Ness The Kid “Molly Girl” went wild with Fortnite gamers and there are an alarming number of videos made with the Molly girl song, the number is a whopping Ten Thousand! Consistency is the key and Ness knows it very well. He has massive plans for the year to come and we can surely expect much more viral content from the 19-year-old superstar.

“Ness The Kid 19-year-old artist out of Huntington, Long Island has been getting massive recognition recently from his songs “Stacked Up” & “Love Me” as they have accumulated millions of streams on Soundcloud. Ness is truly in his own lane, with his distinct sound & unique look, he really should be looking forward”, said Elevating Sounds about Ness.

Ness is building up the curiosity and enthusiasm among his fans by posting regular sneak-peaks of his bonkers collabs with leading artists which also include Fetty Wap on his social handles.
With his super attractive style, charismatic personality, and admirable skills, Ness is undoubtedly going miles and there is no pause in sight.

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