Digital wizard and entrepreneur Sebastian Duarte Griego ditches the mainstream 9-5 job to chase his dreams

Sebastian Duarte Griego
The mainstream nine-to-five work-life balance was ingrained in the minds of millennials for years. Slowly and gradually, people have shifted from the typical desk jobs to doing something that’s out of the box. Similarly, Sebastian Duarte Griego, a young mind in the digital world has broken all norms of a typical lifestyle. Working on his terms from a young age, Sebastian Duarte Griego wanted to break the norm and follow his passion. His social media presence and work is something that has taken him to new heights.
Sebastian has crafted a niche for himself with his dedication, commitment, and passion for digital marketing and advertising. The clients irrespective of their magnitude tend to collaborate with Sebastian basking for his sheer output when it comes to delivering desired or stipulated results. The young generation has a worldwide platform in the garb of social media to showcase their prowess and skill. Not everybody is making it big in the industry, but Sebastian has always believed in scoring lofty and big from the hard childhood days. Sebastian mixed his entrepreneurial skills along with digital knowledge and began to handle various social media accounts. He also joined hands with California based digital marketing firms to further make people grow higher on the platform by boosting their Instagram profiles.
Sebastian’s interminably discontent and hesitance to stop testing mentality has taken him far in the business. Being a youthful business person, he has consistently been in the spotlight and, the measure of difficult work and devotion is extra for his situation.
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