How to Cultivate Calla Indoor: Tips and Tricks


Calla is often perceived exclusively as a garden flower, but it can be grown indoors as well. It is enough to choose a suitable place for it, provide the necessary care and know in what conditions it starts to bloom. We hope that this article will answer a number of your questions and allow you to easily grow this flower at home.

How to Plant Calla Indoor?

This flower needs good lighting, especially during the flowering period. The best place for calla will be on a windowsill with a bright but diffused light. Therefore, the southern side of the house is optimal for placing Callas.

You can buy plants on and you will face the issue of how to plant zantedeschia (calla) at home. For planting Callas, you should take a large container, prepare the soil mixture, fertilizers and water, which you need to apply to the plant. Of course, the potting mixture is easier to purchase at a flower shop, but if you have the strength and desire to make it yourself, then you should take 1/3 of hummus, 1/3 of leafy soil and 1/3 of turf soil, as well as a bit of clay and river sand. Do not forget to add some superphosphate to the mixture, and then the bulbs are ready for planting.

Calla does not tolerate excessively high temperatures: the plant develops best at the temperature from +22°C to +24°C, and in winter, the temperature regime should be changed to +15°C up to +18°C. From November to March, the growth of plants with white flowers stops. Finally, Calla completely loses its leaves during the rest period, which lasts from two to six months.

Popular Varieties

Thanks to the work of many breeders, many different varieties have appeared in recent years. For example, these species are especially popular:

  1. Calla Elliottiana is an ornamental culture of greenish-yellow colour. Its heart-shaped leaves have white spots. This variety loves well-lightened windowsills and regular watering.
  2. Calla Aethiopica is the most popular species. Its leaves are fleshy, dense and grow up to 45 cm in length. A stem with a flower can reach 1 meter in height. The white inflorescence is funnel-shaped.
  3. Calla Remanna is small in size. Plant height does not exceed 50 cm. Flowers are bright pink or red. This species became the starting point for breeding more shades (lilac, dark purple, and others).
  4. Calla Amethyst is characterized by a violet shade and an exquisite scent similar to the sea breeze. It reaches a height of 60 to 120 cm, which depends on the conditions in which the flower is grown.

How to Cultivate Calla Indoor: Tips and TricksCaring for calla lilies at home is quite affordable and not very tedious. Using simple growing rules, you can achieve regular flowering, healthy greenery, and, as a result, additional decoration of any interior.

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