How is Software Used in the World?

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Even though we use some form of software every single day, it is surprising that a lot of
people can’t even explain what it is or give examples of software in action. The software
comes in many different forms. There are an application, system, open-source, and
other various types of software.

The basic definition of software is the programs and operating information that is used
by a computer.

I have listed a few examples of software and how they improve our daily lives.
Hopefully, you will gain a better idea of how much software impacts all of our lives.

Listening to Music

If you use Spotify or Pandora, then you are using the software. A lot of us love to listen
to music when we are bored, working out, or at work.

It would be impossible to stream music and podcasts without their advanced software
that sends the song to your mobile device or computer.

Talking to People on Your Cell Phone

Telecom software solutions are what makes it possible for us to have a network that we
can make and receive calls on. Imagine your daily life without the ability to call someone
and talk to them instantly.

You can thank the software that telecommunication engineers were able to make so
that we can handle a large amount of volume that a network receives. We are always
looking to innovate in the telecommunication space, and it looks like the 5G revolution is
upon us

Microsoft Suite

Another group of products that you have probably used without knowing that it is an
example of software is the Microsoft Suite. Things like Microsoft Excel, Word, and

PowerPoint are all examples of a software application.

We all have certainly used those applications for school, work, or something in our daily
life because they are very easy to use and practical.

Another type of application software like the Microsoft Suite are Internet browsers like
Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Out of all the types of software, application software is

what most people would be familiar with it because it is the most commonly used in
people’s lives.

System Software

The final type of software that I will mention is system software. If you are a fan of Apple
products, then I am sure that you are familiar with macOS. That is a perfect example of
system software.

Nothing that Mac has built would be possible without advanced software solutions and
professionals that could innovate the software to where it is today.

The software really is one of the reasons why we have been able to innovate and do
wonderful things with technology. It has had a huge impact on our daily lives with apps
like Spotify and Pandora. It is also essential in industries like the healthcare and
engineering field.

If you learned anything interesting about software from this post, then please feel free to
share it with someone else that would be interested in this topic. Thanks for reading!

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