Kiara Moon Reveals Details about Her Upcoming Projects and Brand Collaborations

Kiara Moon

Model and philanthropist Kiara Moon is eagerly looking forward to the New Year as she has several projects up her sleeve. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown, Moon has been in an upbeat mood as, rather than letting the pandemic dampen her spirits, she worked towards creating a vision for her future and goals to be achieved.

Moon utilized the time available to her wisely by working on her fitness and health and networking with several lifestyle brands for collaborations. She says, “2020 unexpectedly turned out to be a year of self-reflection. Instead of rushing through the days and projects, I got ample time to introspect what I want to achieve professionally and personally. I chalked down my goals for my career and the brand image I wanted to establish. I also became active on social media and engaged with my followers. I discovered that I love creating exciting and fun posts, which gives me ample opportunity to interact with my followers and create more content based on their suggestions.” Further revealing details about her upcoming projects and brand collaborations, she excitedly shares, “I have several projects in the pipeline from print and calendar shoots to TV advertisements and music videos. I am also working with prestigious clothing and cosmetic brands on their social media and other campaigns, which I’m very thrilled about and looking forward to start shooting.”

Discussing how she managed to maintain her phenomenal shape for the upcoming shoots despite quarantining at home, she shares, “Since the gyms were shut, I resorted to working with my trainer online, practicing yoga, and subscribing to a healthy diet to build my immunity and maintain my body.”

Born in Anaheim, CA, Moon graduated with a Master’s degree in Business and worked as an auditor and analyst before pursuing her dreams to become a model. She has worked with various brands and photographers and graced covers of fashion magazines. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, training, practicing yoga and meditation, traveling to warmer cities, and playing with her precious two Sphynx cats. Moon believes in philanthropy and has volunteered as a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. She also possesses volunteering experience for 12-Step programs such as AA and EDA and has participated in the Alzheimer’s walk to raise awareness about the disease.

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