Adnan Javid Khan: A Young Entrepreneur from Kashmir who Dominates the Digital Marketing Defying All Challenges

Youngest entrepreneur of Kashmir, Adnan-Javid-Khan

For the young man called Adil Javid Khan better known as Adnan Javid Khan from Kashmir, born on 5th March 2003, life has never been easy. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but has earned everything with his hard work and diligence. Hailing from a small village in Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir, his inclination towards computers and internet started way back in his early teenage. At the age of 14, he started his career of entrepreneurship in digital marketing. All thanks to his interest and good exposure in this field, he rose to fame attracting the best of the companies to serve.

Instead of reiterating about the challenges and hurdles coming in his way, he defied them all with all his passion and vigor to emerge as a competent businessman. He faced issues like the complete shutdown of the internet for over a year and defied other challenges coming in his way to emerge as a successful digital marketer.

He solely manages his internet Marketing Company ‘Notorious Digital Media‘ which he founded and commenced in 2017 with his family’s support and was able to attract a good number of clients with his good public relations taking it to the next level.

While serving the clients he always knew how and what to serve as to help his customers by providing the best results in the best ways possible ranging from Public Relations to Internet Marketing. He is good in customer services and renders them the best. His newly founded E-commerce venture called Kzash an online clothing store which also made much of a difference in the market attracting people from all across his state and other places giving quality products in Kashmir at the most affordable cost. Although he was discouraged by his critic but he soon proved them wrong emerging as a competent man with his ventures like Notorious Digital Media and Kzash. Today, his e-commerce site called Kzash has become synonymous with offering high quality products at affordable cost. He is a self-made man as he started everything from scratch and emerged as a successful digital entrepreneur.

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