Garrett Shiner on How COVID-19 Served as a Catalyst for Him to Scale His Business Even Further

Garrett Shiner

It takes a lot of guts and gumption to run a business in a pandemic. It is even more courageous and daring to start a business from scratch during such an unpredictable time. But that is what entrepreneurship is all about. This year, digital marketing has become the go-to business of the COVID-19 pandemic era. An already established tool for running a business, digital marketing has flourished in the pandemic, and companies are lining up to take advantage of it. People like Garrett Shiner, entrepreneur and founder of Shiner Marketing, know exactly what to do to succeed in their business.

Shiner has been featured exclusively on Forbes for his entrepreneurial skills and social media savvy, which have made him prominently visible to his customers. “Word of mouth is essential in any business,” said Shiner when he started Shiner Marketing in early 2020. Increasing a digital marketing firm’s profile is the right step to take in order to succeed further in the business. “Because of social media, I have made a lot of money while I was still in school. I figured that I might as well make use of the skills I learned on social media to run a business,” adds Shiner. His company, Shiner Marketing, therefore showcases a list of services based on Shiner’s own skills, like editing, Photoshop, design, branding, marketing & promotion, and more.

The challenging aspect of digital marketing was running the business during a pandemic. Shiner is only 18 at this time, but his passion and hunger for excellence are boundless. Therefore, Shiner Marketing was able to thrive easily, even during the pandemic. “I started out young, so I had already made mistakes, but also a lot of good choices. My web presence was large enough to get me a ton of followers. I liked things like video games, TV shows, movies, etc. and the community for these things online is quite large, so I had a lot of followers on social media,” says Shiner. He was able to use these followers to take his business to the next level.

Garrett Shiner is a verified user on Facebook and TikTok and has over 300 thousand followers on TikTok as well as 1.5 million unique likes for his content.

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