One Name That Comes Up When You Think About One of the Best Digital Entrepreneurs in the US is that of Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley

How does one rise up to become one of the most sought after names in the digital space can be known through Trey’s story

Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley tops in the list of successful entrepreneurs of today’s times

Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley tops in the list of successful entrepreneurs of today’s times having established a successful digital service providing company which boosts online presence of individuals and businesses. His establishment ‘QuickJump’ which he founded along with his partner Stephen in the year 2019 has taken over a major chunk of digital business done today. We are keen to know how his journey towards the road of success started. Trey informs us “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, running my own successful business as I always had an inclination to help others and I wanted my profession to be such that it would not only be beneficial to me, but to many around me. This thought led me to start something in which I help brands and businesses establish their presence through digital medium which helps them capture the markets, directly benefitting their business or image”. His agency ‘QuickJump’ helps in creating strategies which increase Instagram followers for its clients within a stipulated period of time which directly impacts their growth. His company has successfully transformed the image of many individuals, brands and businesses and helped them gain more than 10,000,000+ followers with their innovative digital marketing methods.

Trey says that all his success is due to the long hours he has put in to build his business and also credits a lot to his sports background which taught him to have a winning streak in spite of all the setbacks. What does Trey like doing when he is not working? He says “I love reading the bible and one of my all time favourite is Think and Grow Rich and The Secret. I read for at least 45 minutes a day and recommend a lot of reading to all because I strongly feel that reading really opens up your mind and helps you think beyond boundaries”.

At 21, having achieved phenomenal success Trey’s story is truly inspiring for all those budding and aspiring young entrepreneurs who take a step backwards with the fear to fail in their journey, they need to learn a lesson or two from this young man who has made his life worth a mention in many ways.

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