How to promote your Instagram account

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Instagram is not just a social media platform to chat with your friends but also a powerful business tool. For instance, if you can manage to grow your following to several hundreds of thousands or even millions, you can do serious business off it. One way to make money through

Instagram is to become a social media influencer. The advertising world is adjusting to incorporate social media influencers as an essential component of creating product awareness. For this reason, big-time Instagram stars are raking in millions of dollars every year.  To become like them and turn your Instagram page into a powerful business tool, you simply need to find a way to build your following.  To help out here is how to promote your Instagram page.

  1.   Make use of powerful hashtags

The best way to grow your Instagram following is to come up with creative hashtags. The hashtags you use should be in line with what people are looking for within your niche. This will see search algorithms direct people to your site to check out your content in line with their needs. While you can generate valuable hashtags by yourself, you might find it hard to keep up with every trending hashtag. The best way to do it is to use hashtag generators, and there are multiple ones in the market. To make things easier for you, check out this generator for hashtags reviews by Bumped. By choosing any of the hashtags generators, you will be in an excellent position to grow your page into a powerful marketing tool.

  1.   Post consistently

A sure way to grow your Instagram page is to post always. Instagram, just like any other internet platform out there, is a content-driven platform. According to Buffer, a 2017 research on Instagram profiles showed that the number of posts and the frequency of posting impact user number growth. Therefore, if you want to grow your Instagram page, you need to try and

post at least twice a day. The more you post, the higher your chance of increasing your following and turning your Instagram page into a brand.

  1.   Do live videos

One proven way to promote and grow an Instagram page is to do live videos. These videos help grow user engagement and increase the number of quality followers of a page over time. However, it is not just about live videos; you need to ensure that you do quality videos. The better the quality, the more users that you will gain and grow your brand equity.

  1.   Share content from your user base

One of the easiest ways to promote your Instagram page is to go for user-generated content. Not only does it help you generate on-demand content, but it also shows your followers that you care about them. This kind of engagement can help you turn a relatively small Instagram page into a significant brand that can generate millions of dollars every year.


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