Achieving Astounding Success as a Sought-after Brand Specialist, PR and Digital Marketing Expert is Anirudh Yogi

His firm 'Drag Media' has been flourishing people and businesses to staggering heights of success

PR and Digital Marketing Expert - Anirudh Yogi

In a world where we see most of the people and professionals running behind achieving overnight success, it is always surreal to know about people who believe in making their career from the ground up, work with conviction and a progressive attitude and believe in further developing and growing others through their work. Talking about digitalization and the growth of social media not just as a social platform, but most importantly now as a marketing medium as well, it is evident how people and businesses have resorted to the medium to further their reach and presence. For this, they need professionals and experts to help them achieve their desired goals in career; this is when young and dynamic digital entrepreneurs like Anirudh Yogi enter the picture.

Born in 1998 and belonging from Kota, Rajasthan, Anirudh Yogi started working from a very early age with the aim to create something of his own. He did his bachelor’s in engineering; however, his heart sought something else. Knowing the potential the digital industry could offer him in future, Anirudh Yogi two years back debuted into the social media and digital world and since then has never looked back. Taking full advantage of the changing business scenarios of the world, Anirudh Yogi dived deep into the same and became a modern-day entrepreneur with skills in PR, digital marketing and branding. He is today a sought-after promotion, growth and brand strategist and through his innovative and out of the box marketing strategies have been thriving all his clients, helping them get nearer their business visions and aspirations.

He is the founder of his firm ‘Drag Media’, which is a digital marketing and PR firm which has earned a rich list of clientele in a very short span of time. It has worked for industries like fashion, entertainment, sports, politics, startups, academics, etc. and has worked with many sports personalities and celebrities already.

Anirudh Yogi’s expertise lies in promotions, management and branding and through his expert knowledge and experience in the same has helped all his clients build a prominent online presence and create that momentum they need in their respective fields by growing them across social media and digital mediums. Right from helping clients generate more leads, create more awareness, increasing the following to building more credibility, establishing them in the digital arena and helping them gain more attention is all that Anirudh Yogi and his firm excel at, giving clients their desired results.

As a 22-year-old entrepreneur, Anirudh Yogi proves that age is just a number and any individual who wishes to create his/her own legacy in any field needs the right passion, the drive to achieve something and determination to keep moving forward to eventually reach their visions. To gain more inspiration from this modern-day digital entrepreneur, follow him on Instagram @anirudh.yogi.

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