Non-Surgical Nose Job by Celebrity Doctor Simon Ourian

Simon Ourian, MD, practices cosmetic dermatology and has a host of famous clients

Simon Ourian, MD, practices cosmetic dermatology and has a host of famous clients. Specializing in non-surgical procedures including no surgery nose jobs, his Epione Beverly Hills clinic has served clients as famous as Kylie Jenner. But Kylie is not the only Kardashian to have benefitted from Simon’s cosmetic dermatology skills. Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, and Kris have also been seen on TV receiving non-surgical aesthetic treatments in Epione’s luxurious surroundings.

Anyone interested in how Ourian operates can check out his Instagram page. There are not many other medical practitioners on that particular social media platform with his kind of huge following – 3.5 million people at the last count. He regularly posts footage of his work there, often in graphic detail. Ourian is much more than a cosmetic dermatology doctor to the stars, and the size of his following is not merely down to the celebrities with whom he has worked. Ourian numbers many medical colleagues among his followers, with much of the content on his page highly educational in nature.

A non-surgical nose job consists of a series of dermal filler injections. These improve the overall appearance of the nose in the context of the client’s face. Ourian is keen to assert that his work is not about constructing the perfect nose but building a nose that perfectly suits the client’s face.

The non-surgical procedure has a number of advantages over its surgical equivalent. Patients do not have to undergo general anesthesia, reducing the stress of the experience. Recovery times are also much faster, with complete recovery taking just days.

The entire process is relatively painless too. Ourian’s procedures seek to balance the proportions between nose, chin, and neck. Painless and personal, with far fewer risks, a non-surgical nose job is an ideal procedure for a patient to consider, especially if they have a fear of surgery.

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