Manjeet Singh Sangha aka Desirichkid Guides You How to Earn Unbelievably Through Drop Shipping Business

This young entrepreneur has been educating people and helping them setup successful drop shipping business which enables them earn a six figure income every month

Manjeet, the young entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany popularly known as Desirichkid

“Age is just a number”- says Manjeet, the young entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany popularly known as Desirichkid. As a teenager, he always had big dreams and aspirations, but he never waited, to grow up and then achieve a luxurious life. He started his online business at a very young age of 13. His objective was always to live a big luxurious life with luxury watches and cars at his disposal. He never wanted to work for someone else but be his own boss rather. Going forward he decided to start his online business which gave him freedom to work and earn at his own pace. He started Drop shipping, a concept many of us may now be aware of.

Drop shipping business makes you an entrepreneur selling products online without having a shop or a warehouse, even without having your own products. Sounds great but requires hard work and efforts. It requires you to set up your online shop, finding suitable products and promoting them, and forwarding orders to the suppliers. As a drop shipper, you should have professional suppliers who can supply products to consumers on your behalf. You earn a share out of that sale and you need to pay the supplier only when you receive money from the client. So, it’s a win win situation for you. Not only this, but drop shipping helps you get rid of the hectic process of offline selling which requires a warehouse, shop and middlemen. All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi to start your business. Today he has more than 2500 clients who he works for and has become one of the industry leaders in a very short time.

Manjeet is also the founder of Drop shipping University where, he along with his team teaches people about drop shipping business. He has successfully trained many aspiring entrepreneurs and enabled their drop shipping business to earn a six figure income every month. He is also into Real estate residential and commercial property investing to build long term wealth. With a fleet of luxury cars in his garage like McLaren, Mercedes S-Class and soon to join Lamborghini, Manjeet has indeed hit the bull’s eye. With his passion, hard work and talent, he is thriving to be the best in business.

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