How e-commerce expert Raymond Scott Jr. founded and scaled his company to 7 digits

Ray Scott

Dropshipping is a popular business on the internet, especially among millennials, because it is done online without the need for a physical store. While it does not require much in terms of funding to start the business, it requires a lot of hard work, as Ray Scott found out.

Scott, a Petersburg, Virginia native, is an entrepreneur who is into e-commerce. His father was an entrepreneur, and he knew that entrepreneurship was the path he wanted to pursue as well. His family was very supportive, encouraging him to follow his entrepreneurship dreams.

Scott started his entrepreneurship journey in 2014 when he made his first $4000 online by having potential customers complete CPA (cost per action) offers through the ProjectPayDay website. In 2016, he launched his store as an Amazon seller, intending to use that business to subsidize his earnings from the Navy Federal Credit Union, where he was working at the time. His end goal was to ultimately focus on growing his business and brand.

Within six months, from July to December 2016, Scott grew his store’s gross sales to $100k, which was a massive achievement for him. He kept pushing and working on the store, getting higher revenues each month. He then started Superior Dropshipping, a platform he uses to build, manage, and grow other Amazon seller accounts. With his hard work, he has worked with over 400 accounts, with each getting consistent profits.

How did Scott get there? After researching and selecting the product range that he wanted to focus on in his dropshipping business, he looked around for the best suppliers for those products. “Working with the wrong supplier can completely ruin your business, therefore do proper research before you start working with one,” he advises.

The next step, according to Scott, is to build your e-commerce website. Once the website is up and running, you have to find clients. “Facebook ads are the most effective, especially when starting out, because you are able to place your ads where your targeted audience can easily see,” says Scott. Once you have built a customer base, you can look into expanding your business.

As someone who has several years’ worth of experience in the business, Ray Scott’s advice is perfect for anyone looking into dropshipping.

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