Allo Allo a revolutionary and prospering company conspicuously marking its success all over the world.

Allo Allo
An emerging category that is flooding in the technology market is the refurbishment products industry.

An emerging category that is flooding in the technology market is the refurbishment products industry.

With the rapid evolution of technology, new models and gadgets get outdated in the blink of an eye. Taking account and acknowledging the current market, Allo Allo, a direct to consumer online brand has expanded and developed in recent years. It’s owned by the eminent Icon Globe Trade Co. Ltd.  with its headquarters in Hong Kong, China. This multinational company initially started out in Shenzhen, Guangdong and now has spread its wings and operates in 70 other countries. 

Allo Allo first only sold expensive and top notch refurbished phones. But over the years, they have expanded and diversified their business by selling refurbished electronic products too. The company provides electronics to enterprises based in China and also other countries’ marketplaces to dominate the consumer market. The range of brands that is currently offered by Allo Allo includes Samsung, Apple iPhones, iPads and AirPods and other reputed companies. Allo Allo is also the first certified global retailer of refurbished iPhone in the whole world.  The brilliant strategy applied that makes the company stand out in the domain is that Allo Allo supplies the refurbished products directly to the consumers and hence no middlemen are involved. This caters to cost price reduction, better quality, low transport charges and less chances of risk. The electronics offered, especially Apple products are way cheaper with the same quality and durability than the original store bought. 

Allo Allo has recently introduced a worldwide website to meet the increasing demands and stretch its product marketing. The appealing and advanced website runs in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese because of the diversity and makes it understandable and articulate to the clients. Customers are automatically served the English version of the service. Another prominent feature that it offers is a popular and robust affiliate marketing programme wherein other key partners are rewarded with a commission based on the number of clients they bring in. 

Even with such a striving endeavour and successful promise, Allo Allo hasn’t forgotten its social responsibility. The brand has partnered up with Treedom, an association that defies deforestation and is an active model to fight against the cruel and programmed obsolescence against nature.

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