Music-Industry Executive, Tiffany Gaines Talks Career Advice & Mentorship

Tiffany Gaines
Tiffany Gaines

Entertainment Maven, Tiffany Gaines has been working behind the scenes for a couple of decades and has earned her veteran badge reaching milestones many experts in their fields tip their hats to her for. Currently she distributes and markets for over 4,000 artists and 47 sub labels. She has since expanded her platform that promotes music to marketing, management and philanthropy offering resources for entrepreneurs to develop and maintain modern and invaluable insight through creative solutions through programmatic marketing and traffic building resources and strategies as well as new and evolving programs to assist with cultivating business growth and entrepreneurship. We interviewed, Tiffany Gaines asking her some valuable questions and here were her responses.

Her advice on career branding and entrepreneurship

“Confidence in yourself is everything. Most people who you want to work with are going to tell you what you need in order to succeed. If they feel you don’t have what it takes, you have to remember that they are just one person and that is simply their opinion. In other words, you can either let that go to your head or figure out why they feel you’re falling short. The word “no” is something you have to get used to until you actually begin seeing progress. “Yes” comes when someone sees potential. It really is that simple. If you aren’t ready, be thankful for that “no” and instead of being discouraged, be encouraged to research more on how to become better”.

“Secondly, be prepared for anything and everything that comes your way. This can seem a bit ambiguous, because how can you see challenges before they appear. The answer is experience. Once you understand that trial and error is actually a good thing, you can begin building your blueprint as you go. Learn from the shortcomings. When you fall, get up. Simple as that. Don’t mope and linger around the issues that arise. Study them and challenge them head on. This business in not for the weak. If you can continue to assess and then tackle, before you know it, you’ve scored a touchdown. Celebrate every milestone, both big and small. This allow you to appreciate the growth…without it, there’s no life to your journey”.


Her approach to mentorship:

“My intent is to help as many artists, managers, label owners, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc, simply become better. The best is not up to me, I’m just here to show them that they can do a little more than they thought they could. I often post words of encouragement on my social media timelines. It might be personal or business knowledge to help them along the way. I don’t do it for anyone specific, just those who will take heed. I find joy and honor in knowing that I helped someone get through a rough patch. Some will direct message me just to let me know how much of an inspiration I have been for them during rough times. While others will tell me their own testimonies of how they watched my growth throughout the years and used it as an encouragement for them to open their own online or small business. To me that is what mentorship is all about. You can preach all day. But action will always speak louder.

Some of her most surreal moments in her career and life

I don’t want to downplay all of the surreal moments of my career by mentioning just a few, so I will just say that in all of my career, I can actually call some of the most inspiring professionals and icons of the music business my friends and partners. These are people who have made imprints in our world of music and to be able to say I have been blessed to know them is surreal all in it’s entirety.

What she has prepared for 2021.

New clients, new music, new content. Let’s just say I am excited to continue making an impression on my peers and team. Everyone in my immediate circle works extremely hard. That is a statement that is rare to claim. I am proud of who I represent and look forward to the challenges that will help us grow into the success stories of a new year and years to come.


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