David Fichman’s Bootcamp for Success

David Fichman
David Fichman’s Bootcamp for Success

David Fichman, a young entrepreneur and founder of Bootcamp, discusses the most exciting aspect of his business venture and how his work has finally given him a sense of purpose in life.

David Fichman was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1998. He had good schooling and studied in one of the best institutions of his State. Despite the lack of any material hardships, David was hardly satisfied internally. He longed to make a change in the world and despised an education system that didn’t encourage ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking but rather focused on the traditional means of making money and succeeding in life. This never sat well with David, so he left after graduating high school to work under one of the top real estate agents in Australia. David realized soon after that he wasn’t cut out for the job and left unfulfilled with his life. He decided to change his environment in pursuit of something worth his while.

“My attitude never fit the mold of achieving high grades, graduating University, and securing a respectable job: I deeply wanted to make a change in the world, rather than to accept what it had to offer,” says David.

David landed in Cyprus and soon began his job at a media company, where within six months he had his own office and a team of 25 employees under him. It was here that Fichman discovered his passion for connecting with people through empathy and understanding their personal struggles. He soon quit his role under his company to follow his heart. This is the story of how Bootcamp was founded.

David has always dedicated himself completely to whatever business he has done. Whist they brought him financial success, they all lacked purpose and a sense of fulfillment. David tossed aside a life of traditional success which he felt was always “attainable” to him, in place of a greater, more enriching path.

“What excites me most is the thought that I can love every moment of my work and make a significant change to the world, rather than just money,” shares David Fichman.

David is incredibly committed to the cause of helping those around him through his unique perspective on success and his wisdom beyond his years. His compassion and empathy make Fichman a great leader. Moreover, he strongly believes in self-reflection and the search for truth. At only twenty-two years old, David is youthful and excited to change the world.






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