23KP Stepping Into The Canadian Music Globe With Her Debut Hit “Definition Of A Crime”


Today, a significant amount of youth is trying to showcase their talents in hopes of becoming an artist. Some do this for the fame and some are doing this for their passion. On one hand, all this is just increasing the number of artists present in the industry today, making it difficult to be heard and seen by the world. But on the other hand, there are artists who really aren’t worried because they are busy hustling and breaking records doing what they love. This category includes an artist, producer from Canada who appreciates real music, people and vibes.

Ruling the music globe, she is known as “23KP”.

Can you guess the starting age of someone who creates their own melodies and lyrics?

23KP began creating her own melodies and writing her own lyrics at the early age of just 12 years. She never thought of becoming a real singer until her 20’s. Side by side with her studies, 23KP grew up learning musical instruments, singing, making unbelievable melodies, poetry, tracks and finally decided to pursue music as her profession.

Even after putting tremendous efforts in her music for years, she was not satisfied and kept pushing herself harder to present something unique to the audience. By the end of 2019 she officially released her first track “Definition Of A Crime” which rapidly crossed 100 000 views on YouTube. Because of 23KP’s hard work, her first project gained so much love.

All this love and support motivated her to make fabulous future projects and she is currently working hard to present more hit songs to her audience.
Today 23KP is becoming a well known name in the Music Industry of Canada.

23KP is a verified artist on these following streaming platforms:
Apple Music
Google play

Become a part of 23KP’s Instagram family “@23.k.p”

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