Introducing FITFOREVER from Health and Mobility Expert, Dr. Jeremy James


As 2020 has undoubtedly been a year of realization, for many, the last seven months have been a wake up call in regards to the importance of health and wellness. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, for many Americans, physical activity has been nearly non-existent. While many are still searching for alternatives to their local gym or exercise studio, one standing problem is that most of the available at-home workout solutions often solely focus on weight loss or ‘how to lose quarantine weight.’ But through the pandemic, one Colorado-based doctor recognized a dire need in the demographic of Americans 30 years old and older. While it’s great to be concerned about staying fit, the demand for safe and effective exercise programs that can be performed at home is evident. Health and wellness expert Dr. Jeremy James recently developed a completely customizable digital exercise program that people can utilize anywhere, any time.

As it stands, many of the existing online fitness platforms use one-size fits all approach to facilitating physical exercise. Though it may work for some, this approach can often lead to injuries and ineffective workouts with little to no benefit. With the support of his team of medical experts, Dr. Jeremy James designed FITFOREVER, a program that specifically focused on improving functional strength, longevity, joint health and mobility.

Known in the industry as a leader and specialist in chronic back pain and human biomechanics, Dr. James has earned recognition for his best-selling book The Younger Next Year Back Book as well as two other programs, BACKFOREVER and GOLFFOREVER. With a strong emphasis on helping users regain mobility and learning how to retrain the body to move freely, without pain in the back or the rest of the body, Dr. James’ programs have seen incredible success rates across its wide demographic of users. And with these success stories, the fitness and wellness expert took these experiences to create a new program that would serve as a comprehensive fitness platform to ultimately help its users feel great, through FITFOREVER.

“Our method is simple,” says Dr. James. “At FITFOREVER our focus is on building a highly functional body that feels great. Looking good is just a wonderful side effect.”

Created as a bespoke program, FITFOREVER is the first of its kind to allow its users to customize their workout plans to their body type, needs and goals. And as a user progresses, the program continues to build out a plan based on previous workouts. By taking a personal assessment test, each user is provided a program that is created per their needs, based on pre-existing pain and injuries. The program also factors in the type of equipment each user has available to them as well as their personal fitness goals and physical capabilities.

Fit for anyone, FITFOREVER is perfect for those new to fitness, avid fitness enthusiasts, those who are recovering from injury, those who are partially disabled, and those who are 100% healthy. Whether 20 years old, or 80, Dr. James distinctive fitness platform meets every need. And FITFOREVER sets the bar when it comes to creating a fitness platform that provides scientifically backed data and support on how to regain and/or maintain healthy mobility throughout the body.

While the program can undoubtedly give its users a roadmap to their body and fitness goals, where FITFOREVER differs is in how it provides scientifically-backed education and support on how to regain and/or maintain healthy mobility throughout the body. Through daily workout videos assigned to each user, per their specifically designed program, FITFOREVER offers customized fitness plans that help users build a strong foundation for their fitness journey. Through each user’s customized fitness plan of assigned videos and support, Dr. Jeremy aims to help each user build a strong foundation for their fitness journey.

“I saw a need to provide consumers with an educational foundation for greater mobility and healthy living,” says Dr. James. “My goal for FITFOREVER is to create a fitness platform backed by and with access to medical professionals so consumers of all ages feel good and remain healthy and fully functional.”

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