Boredpuma Has Risen To Become A Successful Agency

Bored PUMA

Boredpuma is a London based agency which currently has taken over the Middle Eastern market as an artist and media representative agency. Established in 2020, the company is an organisation where extreme sporting, artists, designers, film producers and musicians around the world come together to collaborate along with work together to create diverse artwork.

While establishing a new company during the global pandemic was challenging; Boredpuma came together and began working endlessly to build on their customers in order to establish themselves as a reliable and trustworthy agency. Boredpuma currently represents a list of brands along with artists such as Middle Ease brand Safa, Oasis, Splash and many more.

Whilst currently focusing on the Middle Eastern market, Boredpuma began working on social media campaigns for local brand Safa promoting the new flavours of Laban Up along with Oasis Sparkling Water Blu. Working with local brands has allowed the company to grow in the UAE showcasing their creative adverts for social media. As a creative agency Boredpuma has taken a new strand in the market with the use of social media as their guide to promoting client’s products and services. Since the launch in early 2020, they began working on campaigns, music videos along with photoshoots however, Boredpuma used social media to their advantage during the global pandemic as a way to expand and grow their brand image as a creative and media representative agency.

Alongside working for brands, Boredpuma is built around culture, art and creativity. Through the initial stages of release, Boredpuma developed a strong team of creative artists and media representatives globally. Aside from working on brand campaigns each employee is showcased individually for their aptitude though releases on social media. Each release is created to match the art, vibe and personality of each artist. Presented in a creative way, Boredpuma’s goal is to ensure the viewers sees the agency as an open book and a spark for inspiration.

About Boredpuma

Boredpuma is a creative agency and collective of artists, designers and strategists from around the work. The company helps businesses become a trusted part of people’s lives by creating services, products and brands in which people admire. Along with that Boredpuma acts as a creative as well as strategic resource to their clients through every step of the process by aligning inspiration, business objectives along with building a story.

Furthermore, Boredpuma represents artists and directors by collaborating with international brands as well as agencies; these artists are determined on creating expressive visual media though publishing, digital media and campaigns. Boredpuma artists fill their work with a distinct voice, and they prosper on collaboration.

Boredpuma believes in the expression of art. Therefore, by establishing a foundation in which all specialists work together in order to support the artistic expression, they are able to create artworks which are diverse. Whether it be fashion, music or film, Boredpuma does not discriminate the artists definition of art, they make sure they get the work done.

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