Faisal Sharaf: I Am Immensely Passionate about Helping People Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow

Faisal Sharaf, a passionate digital marketer from Bahrain

A digital presence is more crucial today than ever before. With increased unemployment and lack of financial stability becoming a recurring problem worldwide, people are trying to find many alternate modes of making money. In these times, even running a business can be a nightmare. The coronavirus pandemic has upended the game completely, leaving many companies bereft of support. Faisal Sharaf, a passionate digital marketer from Bahrain, finds it immensely grateful to help people reach their true potential.

He says, “It is not easy to start a business on faith. But many people do it. It is scary at first to risk everything in the pursuit of your dreams, but once you engage with yourself, it becomes very easy to get through. I teach people to leverage their skills online in order to grow.” Sharaf is accomplished in his business, having finished his MBA early on in marketing. For the past 15 years, he has been in the marketing business slowly and gradually developing himself and his skills to reach where he is today. In Bahrain, he was one of the first people to realize the lack of basic digital training in the field of online marketing and decided to teach people how to do that.

He started his firm called Kingston Studies, to teach digital marketing to entrepreneurs. “It was the best thing I could’ve done. I was able to increase my audience and promote myself with the help of social media, but at the same time, I also helped build a variety of businesses all over the country. I taught them to design unique marketing strategies for their businesses,” says Sharaf.

Sharaf’s social media accounts were good enough to get word of mouth going. He was also able to help small businesses to prosper with the help of his social media presence. In his position as a consultant, he was also able to guide would-be entrepreneurs through private training and personal strategy to achieve their goals. His passion and perseverance easily shine through in his efforts to set up a proper digital marketing business.

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