The COY Co. is Jessica Bartlett’s Gift to Elite Influencers and Creators

The Coy Co

Jessica Bartlett has been an Instagram influencer for quite some time, utilizing her content and captions to build a following of almost 1 Million on the social media platform Instagram. Similar to many Instagram influencers in 2020, she noticed that creating her own website to give her followers and audience a unique and tailored experience was the most efficient and effective way to expand her brand and monetize her likeness. But, through this process she came across a wide variety of pain points associated with effectively monetizing content. She wonder if there were something more or something better than what was currently being offered. This is when she began to put her thinking cap on, a strong thinking cap might we add, due to the fact that Bartlett completed her degree at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley in an accelerated 3 year time frame as opposed to the regular 4 years. Bartlett has always had an interest in the business side of “influencing” especially as it pertains to influencers understanding their audience and being able to monetize it. She came to the realization that the real power in building a brand on social media wasn’t just about cute pictures and clever captions, but more so how to build and keep a highly engaged audience that can be moved to action.

“If your following is engaged, you grow more quickly. Everything I do is calculated to garner high levels of engagement, which allows me to continually grow my following,” said Bartlett.

Bartlett’s experience, or lack there of, with being able to give her audience a premium subscription solution was what birthed the creation of her company, The COY Co. COY Co. which stands for “Capitalize On You”, is a full-service technology company and community that builds individual subscription content platforms for a select group of COY Co. Creators. Creators have access to a system built to make them successful from the ground up. This is done through COY Co.’s  Success Engine, which combines content creation, growth marketing, community and data access, into one premium solution. While the COY Co. is for larger creators that have a certain number of followers and engagement, a COY Co. sub-division, COY Co. Development or COY Co. Dev, is for the micro or mid level creator that wants the support and tools from the COY Co. team with the opportunity to graduate from COY Co. Dev level to the regular COY Co. This adds an elite edge to the platform that makes it unique from all other competitors.

So what do you get as a subscriber? COY Co. gives subscribers a more in-depth and behind the scenes look at their favorite creators, including content that you won’t see anywhere else, the ability to talk to your favorite creator, and a wider array of other features. COY Co. builds individualized subscription content websites for each creator based on creator type, ensuring that creators are able to give their audience the exact experience that they want. The COY Co. experience benefits creators large and small, where unlike other platforms, creators can simply show up to a photoshoot, and have the company’s professional content creation team produce content that is of the highest quality to be shared over social media and on their own platform. The COY Co. has implemented a one-of-a kind process which handles: growth strategies, legalities associated with leaked content, and other much needed tools to ensure that a creator can have a seamless experience.

“If you have an engaged following, the loyalty of your following grows. If you have an engaged, loyal audience, you earn the trust of said audience, which further allows you to monetize your likeness. This is what inspired me to create the COY Co. and help other influencers and creators both grow their followings and maximize their earning potential on their own subscription content platform,” said Bartlett.

From a musical artist who wants to share behind the scenes clips of his/her creative process and song snippets, to an Instagram model that saves her best and most exclusive shoots for her subscribers, COY Co. empowers creators to “Capitalize On You” while creating an experience that is sure to be revolutionary for both the subscriber and creator.

Are you a creator that’s worked hard to achieve a following but you want to monetize this following in a streamlined, premium way that ensures success? Simply give COY Co. the keys to the Ferrari that you’ve built, and let them do the work for you. It’s about time that you Capitalize on You, anyway.

To learn more about The Coy Co, or to submit an application, visit If you are interested to learn more about the company’s Founder and CEO, you can follow her Instagram @Jessicambartlett, or email her at

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