Meet Vaughn Cohen from Marbella, the Fitness Freak and Expert the World Needs to Know More About

Vaugh Cohen the Fitness Freak and Expert the World

The more we speak about many passionate individuals in industries across the world and the kind of feats they have attained in their respective endeavours, the more we feel it is spoken less about them. Today, if anything is essential, then it is to put more light on success stories that have been sculpted by immense hard work, grit and perseverance to gain more inspiration. It is these efforts that take an individual from being an ordinary person to become an extraordinary individual. Speaking about the industry of fitness, we must have come across many individuals who displayed their skills and expertise as fitness gurus and provided a mammoth of diet plans and workouts that most of the times failed to give us the results we desired for our physical fitness. However, commitment and discipline is what an individual needs to achieve these goals and to make people realize the same, Vaughn Cohen has come forward as a sought-after fitness expert and coach, who has gained a unique place for himself in the fitness industry of Europe and is constantly working to make a name across the world as well.

We are very well aware of the fact that as we grow old our thoughts, perspectives and beliefs about many things also change with time. This most of the times lead us to realize what our bodies need or how they are supposed to be looked after to improve upon our general health, which in turn, also helps us maintain a good mental health.

As a youngster, while others were still at crossroads regarding their studies and careers, Cohen, on the other hand, was already making efforts to attain the body as he desired. For this, his training and workouts started very early and thus began his journey into the world of fitness. However, just like all other journeys of life that are filled with many ups and downs or trials and errors, Cohen too had to be at the receiving end of the same. He went through some rigorous training which later in life gave him many injuries, in his shoulder lower back and Achilles, leaving him with constant pain and restricted movements both in the gym and everyday life, until one day when he met his trainer Elliot Upton and his life changed.

Cohen then under the guidance of Elliot trained at one of Nick Mitchell’s gyms in Marbella, which is already a popular name for their world-class coaches. Elliot changed the entire perspective of fitness in Cohen’s life in a much better way, making him understand that more than training harder, it is about training smarter and putting the focus on the basics and then mastering the same to stay away from long term injuries and pain.

Cohen learnt from Elliot the importance of form, muscle working, tension and structural balance and improved upon his diet plan as well. All these things put together has made Cohen the dedicated fitness expert he is today. Cohen has now become a fitness coach in the vast fitness industry of Europe and slowly and steadily is making an impact in the fitness industry of the world as well.

Be it his diet or nutrition plans or his workout regimens customized for his clients; Cohen proves his passion and love for fitness and his dedication to keep helping all his clients, making them more aware of intelligent workouts that can give them much better and visible results.

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