Mia Bahr

It is not very often when you see a 20-year-old following her passion for music and simultaneously being an advocate for music education in public schools. Mia Bahr is one such millennial who has set a great example for her contemporaries with her commendable work so far.

While she has already released two extended plays, on Spotify and iTunes, she is very soon coming up with her new single Ivy, which talks about the experience of going to an elite school as an Asian woman. The song will be released on 15th October.

Speaking about the upcoming album “Ivy” is a part of, Mia recounts the night she began the project saying, “I was in my apartment with my friend Manar late one night and we talked about how we had grown throughout college.  We talked about our regrets; what we wish we had said to our friends before we were stuck at home.  I realized in that moment I had done more growing in the past three or so years than I had in the past ten.  After she had gone to bed, I sat in my room and wrote until four in the morning.  I was able to find the words to express what was in my mind for the first time since before college.  I’d say the upcoming album is a love Letter to Stanford.  That’s life—you know?”

Talking about her work in the music field, she has been ghostwriting for a number of rappers in Chicago. She has also been a part of Mom Dog’s album ‘Mom Dog’. In addition to these, she has been performing at the local galleries and has also performed a gig at Stanford University’s renowned event, Vibes and Vino.

Bahr had earlier founded an educational non-profit organization that supported schools in the South side in her hometown Chicago. At a very young age, she has achieved quite a lot and has been constantly trying to bring a change in society. She has been sharing her journey as a motivational speaker on platforms like TED Talks, Chicago Youth Talks and Women’s March. Her goal is to educate people on the importance of public education in breaking the cycle of poverty in America.

The young singer had worked on a podcast called ‘The Informaticists’ which won her an award for academic excellence at Stanford. She is currently presiding as the Parliamentarian of the university’s student body.

When asked to give some success tips for her followers, Mia advised people to never be afraid to make mistakes because that’s how a person learns. “I think the majority of my best experiences have been happy mistakes.  If not that, they’ve been opportunities for supreme growth.”  She asked people to lean on their friends, family and mentors for help to let them grow. The young singer has always been very confident about what she is doing and hence asks people to have the confidence of the 10-year-old you. At last, she urges everyone to be a human above everything else.

As a parting note, Mia revealed that she has another surprise in store for her followers as she is planning to release her next album in 2021.

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