Performance Coach Keyen Lage: “I Help High Performing Individuals Balance Success and Quality of Life”

Performance Coach Keyen Lage

Everyone knows that balance is the key to a productive, happy, and satisfying life, but it can be incredibly challenging to achieve when the stakes are high. High-performing individuals are under a unique type of pressure combined with the drive and goals typically beyond the scope of what’s considered normal. From CEOs to athletes, high-performing individuals must strike a balance for their careers to be sustainable and reach their highest potential. This is where performance coach Keyen Lage comes in.

Entrepreneur Keyen Lage is a former NFL and collegiate football player from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. From a career football player to performance coach, Lage understands the pressure that high performing individuals must work under and how to harness that for better results. “Drive can be all-encompassing at times,” says Lage. “The key is to find a way to channel that drive in productive ways that don’t break you down.”

Lage coaches his clients on balancing success with the quality of life. “If you have a miserable or overwhelming quality of life, you aren’t doing things the right way,” explains Lage. “You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, too.” Lage finds that his clients learn how to strive for the best while also living a positive and enjoyable lifestyle. Lage explains, “We all know that stress leads to injury, illness, and self sabotaging behavior which will most certainly take you out of the game.”

Lage makes an excellent point about stress and how it has the potential to break us down, something he personally understands. “When an injury took me out of the NFL, I dedicated my life to studying the truth about personal power and motivation,” states Lage. “Our whole lives, we are taught that genes and biology limit us, but at the end of the day, we are the ones in control of our destinies.”

With a dynamic take on performance and an understanding that no one is immune to the consequences of stress and emotional issues, Lage is well-known as one of the top performance coaches in the business. Sought-after by some of the most accomplished people globally, Lage developed his business over time and through extensive research. “I believe that we all have the potential to succeed, and once we get to the top, it’s up to us to stay there without losing ourselves in the process.” A mentor and coach, Keyen Lage is an ally to anyone ready to level up.

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