Harrison Baum: The Daily High Club is the Modern Candy Shop For Every Cannabis Enthusiast

The Daily High Club

The art of smoking cannabis has been evolving ever since this mythical plant has been in existence. In early pop culture it was mostly seen in the form of being wrapped into a joint, and then smoked as the user drifts away into a state of tranquility. With the evolution of quality and acceptance of cannabis into the mainstream world, as well as being promoted by many medical practitioners for its holistic benefits, smokers have turned to much more sophisticated smoking devices to enhance their high. Items like pipes, bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, and other elaborate devices have become popular as they can enhance the high of a smoker that a simple joint could not. Harrison Baum first tried cannabis in high school, and it has transformed his life forever. Baum seeks to share his love for the plant with others fellow smokers, as he has created a booming business from his love of the plant. Baum created Daily High Club, an online headshop and subscription service that allows fellow cannabis enthusiasts to take their smoking experience to new heights.

Baum began his business career at custom business card company Vista Print, so tinkering and customizing was always in his DNA. His latest venture, Daily High Club, is a testament for his love of not only cannabis, but customizing items for individual enjoyment. His online store features a wide range of products- from six chambered bongs, to dab rigs, Daily High Club has anything and everything to make a smoker’s dream come true. He also prides himself on the utmost quality as his partner has been blowing glass for over a decade, so his products are sure to deliver a peak experience for the smoker. Daily High Club has been so successful that many influencers and celebrities have taken notice, and rightfully so. From famous rapper and cannabis enthusiasts like B-Real and YouTube influencer Koala Puffs, to notorious smoker Tommy Chong, Daily High Club has made custom pieces for all of them. They did a music video collab with Chanel West Coast, and did a promotional video with Waka Flaka. They also worked with famous cannabis reformist Weldon Angelos, who was pardoned by President Obama for possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Daily High Club has a subscription service where you can receive custom items each month, all for a low price of thirty dollars a month, this tops their competitors with pricing and quality. Daily High Club has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, showing their care for the customer. They make quality pieces as can be seen in their online headshop, where you can get a exotic colored pipe, or five foot bong. They also make custom pieces for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. As an example, they made an exquisite Turkey shaped bong to enhance Thanksgiving dinner for the cannabis enthusiast. Daily High Club is the modern candy shop for a smoker, and their monthly package includes five to seven pieces- a small pipe, grinders, wraps, and other items, depending on the month. If you want to enhance your smoking experience and have a piece that nobody else has, please visit www.dailyhighclub.com and make sure to subscribe to their monthly package.

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