Entrepreneur Sumeet Jindal Funded Postman News Providing Digital Platform to the Young Unheard Voices

Entrepreneur Sumeet Jindal founder of the Postman News
Sumeet Jindal

Truth has the means to find its way and the source knows where to strike. For the ones who wish to create a change, instead of covering notifications, they cover what is to be put forward, and Postman News, a Delhi-based venture today, is one such platform. Instead of looking around opportunities, they have built a name from the base and is one amidst the fastest-growing news/media house, which has 1 million+ followers on Facebook, with a total collective reach of 30 million people, who look forward to the best. It is their popularity and space which made them get what people find hard to receive even after working for years. Being a media partner to the event ECHOES’20 at IIM Kozhikode, in 2020 start, was one such achievement amidst what Sumeet, by his hard work, led Postman News to.

From focusing the news, to sections including law and entertainment, finance and economy, and much more, Postman News (https://postmannews.com/) became a space for positivity and truth. As of today, the team has covered many events including, Bubble Parade New Delhi, 2019, Punjab University speak-up for the upcoming start-ups, Udyami’19, Swagras Poetry 2.0, Dance of Kindness New Delhi, 2018, ForWomenByWomen, Feronia Fashion Night 2.0 (an event for supporting the LGBT community), Guptaji Live- A standup Comedy by Comedy Munch, Pleasure in Pop-culture,  Golfing National Golf Championship 2018, and many more becoming the right media partner and the support. Along with this, they have also covered interviews of well-known personalities, including Kapil Dev, Bhaichung Bhutia etc. Well for whatever they have done, the one thing which remained common was the trust of Mr. Sumeet Jindal, the founder of Postman News, who by his initiative, has taken the trend of bringing forward the truth as for he knows,

“Truth and Trust, it runs parallel to coverage.”

Sumeet was also invited as the guest speaker at the Start-up Conclave, 2019, conducted at the Ambalika Institute of Management, Lucknow.With his positivity, he made sure to inspire the souls with the time’s truth and his impactful voice. He made sure, they take ahead, the right piece of information and leave no trend unattended.

Postman News was a dream of mind and a reality of today. It focuses on what we call selective pick, which is full of truth and the right attention-seeker. With the right content and means, they have been covering their base, which started with Facebook and then continued towards other social media sites. Sumeet says, “Instead of focusing on the competitors, the main concern of the team Postman News has been to be the best version of themselves. With every single post and video, we create a vibe that is not easy to capture. We have never left any Trend unattended, and the news or the section covered by us is exactly the truth of the time, the content which is impactful, and the updates which always remained on time and this is what makes us stay ahead.”

His words have always created the “Right Buzz” and brought forward ideas differently, and for what Postman News has been providing, the followers await for their every single post.

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