Appy Pie Photo Editor is The Best New Online Photo Editor for Businesses in 2020

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The “perfect” photographs you see while surfing Instagram are the result of photo editing. No matter how perfect your click is, you will need to edit your photos a little bit to get that perfect photo.

One unfortunate part about photo editing is that it can be obnoxiously expensive. Photoshop, the most popular photo editing tool, is way too expensive for the majority of  people. This is why a slew of online photo editors are slowly taking over the Internet.

Why Businesses Need a Photo Editor

Photo Editors are extremely important for a business. Image editing can increase the scope of your business and help reach its full potential. For example, if you provide catering service or own a real estate business, retouching your photos with an online photo editor can help a lot. You want to draw in more clients, then picture editing can help you to edit and showcase your brand with stunning pictures that could intrigue and attract the targeted clientele.

Let us get into more detail and understand why businesses need a photo editing software.

Here are few reasons which can support the need of Photo Editing Software:

Image cropping:

Not every image is perfect. Sometimes to get the perfect image, you need to crop some undesirable parts of it. Cropping is necessary to trim off the edges to bring attention to the subject in the photo. With proper cropping, you can eliminate the unnecessary stuff without any worries.

Adding Text to Images

Many images require text to make it more understandable. If you promote your business digitally, everything from your business blog’s featured image to screenshots in your help manual require text in it. The ability to add text to an image and  choosing the font, style, and color of your  choice is possible only with a Photo Editor. You can also pair your text with icons to create letterheads, logos, or even business cards with the help of Editor


Is your photo dull and lifeless? Retouching is a great way to enhance it. Online photo editors provide you a way to enhance your photos by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. For instance, you can edit the portrait of your CEO and can turn it from lifeless to a leader’s photo.

Simple Graphics

Sometimes business images need a blend of the real and imaginary. An online photo editor allows your designers to play around and unleash their creativity. They can easily add, remove and adjust some features in a photo which can be used to effectively promote your brand.

Do you really want to be a business that shuns creativity?

Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor

Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor is a part of their online graphic design software,  Appy Pie Design. It is one of the newest and most exciting entries into the world of online graphical design. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor has an extensive feature list that can turn  the simplest of images into exclusive ones. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor is perfect for businesses looking for a handy and easy-to-use online photo editing software.

With Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor, you can combine graphics, textures and polish the images your business will send out. From simple touch ups, to layering graphical enhancements, Appy Pie gives you complete control to edit your photo. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor gives you complete creative freedom which makes it stand out among the competitors.

Features of Appy Pie Online Photo Editor

Appy Pie Online Photo Editor provides  exciting features that can help you make your images special. Here we have mentioned some of the exclusive ones.

  • Lasso Cropping: Apart from the normal cropping features, Appy Pie is one of the few online editors to provide lasso cropping. Lasso cropping allows users to crop images as precise as they want them.
  • Support  Every Image Format: Appy Pie supports almost every existing image format. It is among the few online image editor with .PNG, .JPeg, .RAW, etc support. You can upload any image and can recreate in the way you like.
  • Stickers: Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor comes with an extensive sticker library that can help  spice up your images. You can redefine your business’s images with everything from cute cat stickers to badass metal ones, as no image you make needs to be dull.
  • Complete Freedom: Appy Pie Online Photo Editor allows you to retouch your photos exactly the way you want. Everything from brightness, saturation to sharpness and clarity can be adjusted in accordance with you. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor also  has an excellent color wheel tool which can help in choosing right colors for your projects.
  • Multiple Projects: One of the award winning features of Appy Pie Online Photo Editor is that you can add multiple people and multiple projects within the same interface and allow them to work the same on image projects . This is helpful in the cases of   creating important graphics or editing important photographs and requires a majority decision.
  • Templates: Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor also provides a variety of templates for your images. These templates can be used to standardize your image styles. Appy Pie Online Photo Editor comes with hundreds of templates for various use cases.


Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor makes editing a simple task. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor is a top-notch solution for a small business’ design and creative needs. Editing your graphics with this Online Photo Editor can help you create designs that will reach a global audience. With the variety of permutations and combinations available, your entire experience with Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor is bound to be unique and excellent.

All of this helps qualify Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor as the best photo editor for the year 2020. The fact that it’s a new editor adds to its charm and it is likely to improve in the coming years. Appy Pie’s Online Photo Editor is completely free to use! Start today!

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