Tim Da Jeweler: Taking Digital Jewelry to next level

Tim Da Jeweeler

Tim Da Jewler is the head designer and CEO of TSV Jewelers, a company that specializes in creating men’s hip hop jewelry. Tim hails from Pittsburgh, California where he’s made his mark as one of the top up-and-coming jewelers in the Bay Area.

He began his journey by purchasing wholesale earrings and necklaces from manufacturers and reselling them to the masses. But that wasn’t enough, the more he worked with jewelry, the more he wanted to design custom pieces. “I don’t have a traditional art background but I’ve always enjoyed putting my own style on things, it started off with earrings and then progressed from there.” What started off as customizing earrings, grew into a full-blown custom designing business that would eventually form into TSV Jewelers.

TSV’s in-house team has the ability to design cutting-edge pieces, but what’s even more unique is who they are able to design them for. Tim has become known for his ability to cater to a wide range of clients, meeting their stylistic and economic needs. “A lot of jewelers turn people away who don’t have a budget, but we work with everyone.” The secret lies in Tim’s extensive understanding of the different diamonds that can be utilized when designing jewelry. Tim works with a variety of stones including: CZ stones, lab simulated diamonds, real diamonds, moissanite, natural VS, VVS and more.

While most jewelers have physical store locations, Tim runs his entire operations digitally, this has allowed him to work with clients across the country. “I’ve always been accustomed to e-commerce since my wholesale days, I think digital is an important trend that many jewelers are behind on.” Tim has worked with notable celebrities such as Nia Kay and Corey from MTV. But as TSVs clientele continues to grow, Tim plans to expand his digital operations to meet national and hopefully, global needs.

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