YoungLA Unveils a Stylish New Range of Fashionable Fitness Wear

Young man

YoungLA has made quite a reputation with its range of sustainable, affordable, and chic fitness clothing line. Since its inception, the focus of the brand has been on ensuring premium quality products for their consumers. In the last six years, the company has grown from sourcing clothes to designing their unique clothing line. YoungLA recently unveiled its latest collection of a stylish new range of fashion fitness wear. Their most popular item, the ‘”perfect tee’ now comes in styles such as the scalloped bottom and straight bottom, and they have also released a raglan style cut in their latest collection.

YoungLA offers men’s activewear. The brand initially focused only on fitness wear. The fantastic customer response over the years motivated them to introduce lifestyle clothing as well. The entire collection showcases a well-balanced mix of monochromes and vibrant colors. The fitness clothing line has an exclusive range of lifting gears, cut-off tanks, cargo joggers, windbreakers, compression shorts, running shorts, etc. The brand has nailed the demand of providing a breathable, lightweight fabric with cutting edge style.

YoungLA’s lifestyle items house a wide range of popular choices. They have denim wear, snapback hats, flannels, swim shorts, oversized tees, beanies, and more. Founders Robby Chopra and Gurmer Chopra plan to expand the line to sports footwear soon. They had no idea that they would actually end up solving a common fashion crisis in the attempt to make some money post-college. They started by posting a few generic products on eBay and Amazon. Once enough orders poured in, they continued sourcing a new range of clothes.

Four years into the business, they realized there’s a massive gap in the availability of affordable yet quality fitness wear. In 2017, they launched their website and designed an exclusive line of lightweight activewear, which received an overwhelming response. YoungLA marked an exemplary journey in the business world within two years of the launch, by surpassing 7.1 million in annual sales. The requests kept rising, and the duo never failed to keep their promise to their trusted customers.

YoungLA is now the talk of the fitness town. With Jerdani Kraja as the brand ambassador, the brand has successfully established the right message to the world. ‘Quality over profit, any day,’ is a motto the Chopra brothers swear by, something that is amply proved by YoungLA’s hitherto unmatched popularity.

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