Divorce Without Hiring a Lawyer in California | Essential Tips

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LOS ANGELES – Applying for a divorce is already a hassle and a mentally and emotionally draining experience. But on top of it, going into unknown territory, without a lawyer, can be pretty risky.

If the divorce is uncontested, i.e., all the major decisions have been agreed upon by the couple, it can be done without a lawyer in California and other states. But there is more than what meets the eye. Let’s dive in deeper to understand more:

Criteria to be fulfilled: Even if the process has been simplified and the need for a lawyer has been eradicated, there are specific criteria to meet:

    1. It must be an Uncontested Divorce: Any disputes, whatsoever, may disqualify the couple from going without a lawyer.
    2. Short Marriage: The less time a couple has been together, the less property, debts, and other financial responsibilities have been accumulated in the marriage. So shorter marriages result in fewer complications.
    3. No Minor Children: If you have minor children, the court will consider the effect of the divorce on them. Child-related issues (custody, maintenance, visitation, etc.) are very difficult to settle without a qualified lawyer’s help.
    4. Property Division: The couple must agree on how the assets are going to be distributed. A financial expert may be needed in cases involving valuable property, retirement funds, a family business, and other investments. However, with some help, it can still be done without a lawyer.
    5. Child Custody: In a typical situation, both parents are not only willing and able to stay involved in the life of the child; it is also heavily encouraged by the court. Spouses will have to agree on who will take physical custody (where the child lives), how visitation will work, and how the parents will work together to make important decisions in the child’s life.
    6. Grounds for Divorce: The spouses must agree about getting a divorce and agree to have a no-fault divorce to avoid court hearings that will require hiring a lawyer.
    7. Spousal Support: The divorce may leave one spouse at a disadvantage financially due to the inability to receive the training and education necessary to start a career during the marriage. If one spouse needs alimony or spousal support, the couple must agree about the amount and type of payments if a lawyer is not involved.

Is it advisable? Should you go for it or not?

Despite the costs, having a professional to back you up is always a good thing. However, not everything requires a Lawyer’s assistance. Some items can be handled by a certified paralegal who can guide you through the process. Mediation is a cheaper option for settling disputes. Online divorce services can handle the paperwork. Financial experts can help with certain financial issues.

What kind of Complications can there be in Uncontested Divorce?

The dissolution of a marriage is not an everyday issue. Lawyers and professionals study it for years to become experts. So a Do-it-Yourself divorce should not be taken lightly. The purpose of this article is to prepare readers mentally to get ready for the challenges they may face, such as:

    1. A lot of forms will need to be completed and submitted to the court.
    2. Supporting documents will be required, which will be mentioned in the forms.
    3. The court will charge filing fees.
    4. Paperwork will have to be submitted on time.

So, it is advisable for the petitioner and the respondent to seek professional help to avoid mistakes, the consequences of which can be delays, rejections, and even additional fees.

What kind of low-cost professional help is available?

Paralegals prepare legal documents to be filed in the court proceedings, but there are limitations to their profession. They can not, in any way, give you legal advice. You can use their help at a low cost to avoid making mistakes, but you will have to represent yourself in court. In this way, your cost of divorce will go down dramatically.

Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

    1. Low Cost: Uncontested divorce cases can be done with no help or the help of low-cost Paralegals.
    2. Less Time: These cases end sooner because there is very little or no disputes. This makes these cases very easy to finalize, and, in some cases, they only require one or two hearings.
    3. Less Effort: This type of divorce requires less effort from the petitioner and the respondent compared to a contested divorce.
    4. Less Emotional Stress: Because of the much lower stakes, and everything going on without conflicts, there is less emotional and mental stress.

Complicated Situations – Contested Divorce

Certain situations have the potential to cause complications. If the petitioner and respondent cannot come to a mutual agreement, the divorce becomes contested. Below are some conditions that require close attention:

    1. Financial Matters: If there is too much debt or asset creation after the marriage, complications can arise. Couples can get into an endless dispute about who takes what.
    2. Family Matters: If there is too much emotional involvement with the other family members, the respondent may raise objections against the petition and reject the divorce papers.
    3. Social Disparity: Some couples find it difficult to adjust to their new social identity after being part of a couple for so long. In such cases, the respondent’s friends and social life may be more adversely affected than the petitioner can realize. These things can become a pain in the neck if not appropriately addressed.
    4. Alimony Demands: This can also complicate matters and lead to a court contest. What may seem like life support to one of the parties may seem unfair to the other. It may result in conflicts, becoming a hurdle on the way of a peaceful separation.
    5. The blame game: Taking responsibility for a failed marriage is not an easy task. At times, this point becomes an obstacle for an uncontested divorce and forces a situation where parties blame each other instead of accepting responsibility.

These situations take a dirty turn more often than expected, creating a further ruckus. Solutions to such problems come only through lawyers, or in some cases, mediators. When mediators are involved, issues are settled before going to court, and a public scene is avoided. On the other hand, lawyers do things differently and solve disputes in front of the court. But the cost implications of these situations can be tremendous. It can take months and even years to resolve some issues during a divorce, depending upon the complexity of the situation.

Application for Divorce Online

There is a fair share of online divorce services, one of them californiaonlinedivorce.com, which offers you a fast and affordable divorce with your spouse, without an attorney. Many of them claim to be the best online divorce services, providing help with paperwork preparation online. But how do you select the right one? Being the best online divorce website does not necessarily mean being the best divorce company. Making a website is one skill. Getting the job done correctly, inexpensively, and quickly is another. That’s where we come in. We will put in every ounce of our strength and resources to serve our clients. We aim to provide the most hassle-free service for you so that you can move past your divorce troubles faster and get on with living a quality life.

How we Work

After verifying that you qualify for an uncontested online divorce, you’ll register and complete an online questionnaire so we can gather the details about your divorce. That information will be used to select and complete all the required divorce documents for your case. Our system works quickly so that your divorce can start faster. Your court-ready forms will be available in as little as two days. You’ll also get clear filing instructions to make submitting your documents to the court easy.

We use our muscles to make this process easy for you, and we charge a very reasonable fee. After all, making the divorce affordable and easy is our mission. We are very good at what we do. So let us save you a lot of trouble, and get your divorce done with ease.


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