Helping Your Teenage Child with Chronic Pain

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Despite being invisible, chronic pain is anything but silent. Watching your teenager deal with unceasing pain can be close to unbearable, and you find yourself wishing you could take their place. While modern medicine gets better and better each day, and doctors do all they can to prevent excessive suffering, there are other methods you can introduce to go alongside, which can help your teenager deal with their pain.

Find a Sports Club

There are plenty of opportunities for teens to join sports clubs. Exercise can be great for chronic pain, so your teen will benefit from that as well as engaging in fun activities with other teens. As well as this, they may make a bunch of new friends, which will make them happier overall. As a parent, you want to do everything you can for your child, no matter how old they are, when they are struggling, and sometimes that can mean sending them off to do something without you.

Plenty of Distractions

Pain is at its worst when the mind is allowed to drift. Make sure you provide plenty of distractions throughout the day so that your teen doesn’t have time to think too much about their pain, which can only make it worse. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but making sure there are always fun and interesting activities to do is a great way to mitigate excessive symptoms. Even if you are in an important online meeting and can’t be around them for the next hour or so, simply putting on their favorite film can be enough to distract them from their pain. If you do have a few hours to spend with them, do something that you both love!

Herbal Medicine

There are plenty of online forums with parents sharing their wisdom on how to lessen their teen’s pain, and one that crops up time and time again is the use of CBD oil. CBD doesn’t have any THC in, which is the part of the drug that causes the high effect. CBD is legal in all 50 states, and there are reputable websites like, which sell lab-tested products. Your teen may, of course, be benefitting from medications prescribed from your doctor, but adding in another herbal medication to help alleviate the pain can mean their symptoms are less severe. Make sure you consult your doctor before introducing any new medications.


A gentle massage can alleviate some of the pain. Whether you want to find a professional masseuse or give them a simple massage at home (a quick Google search can show you how to do it safely), the results can mean your teen gains relaxation on top of some pain relief.

Watching your child suffer can be an excruciating experience on its own, but there are ways to help your teen get through their chronic pain. Your teen can have a happy and fulfilled teenhood even when they are going through such persistent pain, and you can be the one to provide them with that much-needed relief.

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